We are a forward-thinking, consulting, social producing & RELATIONSHIP building firm that values character, sustainability & idea-phoria off the charts.

Elizabeth Traub, Elizabeth Traub Consulting, ETC, Business Consultant, Career Mom, Working Mom

 Our experience in product development & campaign development work well in diverse industries. Working hard to help you build the important RELATIONSHIPS to grow your company. From entertainment, music, investment and  the television industry. We help take your company in the direction you want to go.  We work with authors, investors, musicians and products you use every day. 

Recently recognized as a “Customer Experience Expert” by IMB Commerce, Elizabeth shares with witty and fun conversations and important strategies to get to know your customers, build relationships and win their friendship, trust and business.


Elizabeth, a guest speaker with IMB Commerce shares what she has learned and taught her clients in building relationships.

The best thing to do is to simply give us a call or text us. We do not have a one price package that fits all. We get to know your needs and custom design your project, campaign, and business relationships.


503-686-1109 It costs nothing to be friends.

Elizabeth Traub and Emily Otteson

A mother-daughter team working together to take your offline efforts into the online space. Creative writers, story telling, engaging, witty, educated, and smart in how they learn your culture and share with the world.  Having worked with large and small companies to drive your business to greater success. ( References available upon request.)

Elizabeth Traub, Consulting, Branding, Marketing, Social Media, Portland, Portland Business

Your Dreams & Passions,Our Experience & Help.


Elizabeth resides in the beautiful  Portland, OR area. Emily in Nashville. Together we work to build your brand and presence in the online space.


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Starting my day well fed. This weekend is a by the sea kind of weekend. #nofilter #rockawaybeach #oregoncoast #travel When I was in school I would copy the text from my school books into my notes. In copying the text I was able to retain the content for tests. 
Life sometimes feels like a test. Writing content from the most important book, God's Word, so I can remember. Cooking a turkey dinner on a Tuesday. Why not? I believe this bird was wondering last fall. #farmlifewithcones
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