July 2019


Elizabeth Traub has established her 25 year career in both Business Strategy & Development with a solid dose of being a Kids Room Designer. Combining her experiences in retail and business development and allowing her creative entrepreneurial spirit to take you where you want to go.   Elizabeth is  strategic, design and forward-thinking consulting firm. Building ideas, relationships and your customer experience through both her corporate business channels and established relationships in Kids Room Design.

Having started out in the retail industry owning and operating her own children’s store in the beautiful community of Lake Oswego, OR Elizabeth learned the importance of customer relationships, intentional and practical kids room design which lead to excellent marketing for the brands and services she worked with.

Elizabeth and has over 25 years of experience in both business development & kids room design. She knows how to build the important relationships for your company, brand or business through out of the box thinking, strategies, and most important every relationship in your company.

When it comes to kid’s room Elizabeth knows how to bring together an amazing and creative space or place for your children. She has been featured in the Portland Street of Dreams, and featured in multiple magazine and design print and digital. Having five children of her own, she knows the importance of creating the best possible room design for your kids.

It was through her own retail operations she began to specialize in building brands through innovative and strategic ideas. Helping your online digital campaigns, communication with your customers, strategic advising and building your brand, product or service through relevant relationships, media channels, and online presence. Elizabeth has worked with investment firms, entertainment, TV networks, musical artists, wineries, children’s products, authors and so much more.

Elizabeth is creative, intelligent, inspirational and encouraging with her measures of success starting with right where a person is at and where they want to go no matter what age. For over 25 years she has combined her creative talents in two industries which make her a well balanced career mom.

“My resume is diverse in having worked with in the interior design world as well as marketing and consulting for individuals and companies such as  Jason Mraz, American Idol, Shepherd Wealth, Eddie Bauer Jr. Sweet Cottons, Vougue Bambini and so much more. References available upon request.

Your Dreams & Passions, My Experience & Help.


The best thing to do is to simply give us a call or text us. We do not have a one price package that fits all. We get to know your needs and custom design your project, campaign, and business relationships.


TEXT and introduce yourself. 503-686-1109

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Daily Life
It has been a little busy and crazy around here. Best part of it all #momdates long uninterrupted conversations, dinner on a park bench, picking out chocolates and driving lessons. I love you @etgone_home .
And a trip down memory lane and thinking this picture, #NYC #aroomwithaview and a #boyfriend who spoils me. #lifeisgood
This amazing shirt was custom designed by @the_house_of_dubard Matching socks, too... but this shirt. Ready for an evening with @susankaywyatt and her music talent. #Jazz #PortlandFashion #portlanddesigner #fashionista #fashionistastyle #portlandoregon
I am sharing this picture of us because this takes me back to the week when Gordon asked if I would be his girlfriend. And although we have had many months under our belts I still look at this picture and think of why I said yes to being his girlfriend. If it was just one day that we celebrated and honored the person that we love it would be a mistake. Love is patient and love is kind the first two words in the chapter of 1st Corinthians 13:4. Gordon is patient and he is kind. Every single day since I have met him over six years ago. it is easy to look at the external things like hearts, candy and chocolates and gifts all in fun & Love. When all of those are gone what do you have left? You have the person sitting beside you. You have to ask yourself, away from all those things, is this the kind of person you want to date and love? Saying yes to kindness and patience is love every day with this man. It has been a wonderful journey. Thank you @gordon.harris.184.
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