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Another week gone buy, buy buy.  Commercials, spam mail, links to sales, coupons coming in the mail, and even a handout on your way out of the store, beckoning you to come back, all doing their best to solicit my business.  How much money did I spend this week?  A little  over $1oo at Target.  That blog post is before this one.  Are their advertisements not working?  My daughter works in a mall that is typically busy with hustle and bustle.  “It’s strange, last year at this time we were busy every day, this entire week has been so slow that it’s weird.”

Did I spend my money on Black Friday? No.  Had I not received a good deal on stocking from Target I would have only bought the dog food I went in for.  So where are those who are to be buy, buy buying?  Did everyone spend, spend, spend, on Black Friday weekend?  The news reports that unemployment is up but, “we don’t really consider this situation from one single month report.”, said the news on the radio this afternoon.  I am thinking that we keep trying to finesse ourselves out of an economic down turn.  If you take those who work in retail, stand in the stores, and ring the sales…they report that it is slow and the reality is there aren’t as many people here to buy, buy, buy.

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  1. Stitches says:

    Great stuff, you hleepd me out so much!

  2. Liberty says:

    I want to send you an award for most heflpul internet writer.

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