I Am A Beautiful Extrovert

Did you know that by nature (whatever that means) I am an extrovert?  I am not really sure if I came by this naturally or if life circumstances, as a young  girl birthed that confidence to step out and connect with people.  There once was a young girl who was told that she was ugly and stupid (or in more direct terms “dumb fuck” & “stupid ass” & “ugly brat” spoken by a step-father).  I learned early that blue eyes, dimples, charm and wit could carry me to new levels of confidence outside of such harsh words. I excelled in school with the purpose of proving I was not dumb.  I could use my words to express fun, funny, and split second timing with wit and wisdom.  Deep down inside those hurtful words attached to my long term memory.  The only thing is this,  know one could ever tell.  Really, how can you be ugly with a cute handbag and shoes?  Using my charm and wit to be that cute person everyone spoke into me since childhood.  Thus you have that grown up extrovert who stands tall in a room because not only do I know how to wear those stiletto’s I know how to walk in them too.  Then one moment that all changes.  Exposed.  Insecurities that took me back.

I met Stephen Dimmick through twitter.  Checked out his website and began to feel that this man, make up expert to celebrities, understood the deeper parts of a women’s heart and the feelings behind true beauty.   His work featured in the highest level of fashion magazines. I watched him. Truth be known I stalked him.  Watching his video’s on the application of applying make up, and understanding more how he poured his gifts and experience into the heart of beauty.

As our friendship grew, I trusted him with some of the deepest parts of my heart.  I stepped into his business of “Bold You Beautiful You”.  You see I had the bold down.  I have never once in my life thought I was beautiful.  That little girl was still very ugly.  Kids believe what they hear, and as much success and confidence I have in both my personal life and business life I was still very much that ugly girl who learned just how to be cute.  Can a girl just grow up and be beautiful.  At the age of 46 I grew up.  September 9th I grew into that beautiful women.

At the Ricki Lake Show Launch
Beginning to Believe in Beautiful


Here is my story:


That wonderful man Stephen Dimmick, took what he knows through years of touching the most beautiful faces and taught me how to believe that you don’t have to have an airbrushed face to be beautiful.  Listen to the words from his heart and experience:


If you would like to find that beautiful person, perhaps lost from years of self-doubt, voices from the words of your past. Please contact me. I would love to introduce you to Stephen Dimmick or contact him directly through his website.

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  1. Greg Gulliford says:

    Great post Elizabeth. Love The Transparency!!

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