A Day With Dimmick

A Day With Dimmick.

Stephen Dimmick is fast to becoming a house hold name among women. Stephen has built his career as a make up artist to celebrities and top models.  You can learn more about his career in make-up & fashion here: www.dailydimmick.com 

He is now taking his art and skills, in years of working with some of the world’s most beautiful women, and helping us, the gals who will never walk the runways of New York, or land a cover on Vogue.  Women who are carrying toddlers into daycare, staying up late to fold laundry and getting up and running into our work days in the every day lives we live.  Somewhere in all of that we lose sight of our beauty. Our beauty within.  We, as women, will spend thousands each year to put beautiful band aids on the outside of our hearts, hoping to appear beautiful, yet it’s what is trapped inside that hold us captive.

This past September I spent “A Day With Dimmick” and was transformed.  The raw emotions that came  surprised me.  I am, by most standards, very confident and competent in the work I do, as a mother and wife, yet this experience transformed parts of me that I never knew existed.  I am not being paid to write this.  I am not receiving any incentives for clicks, or ad promotions. I am a living testimony of a man who is authentic and genuine in how he relates to the hearts of women.  Even strong ones like me. How do I know this?  I spent “A Day With Dimmick”

Makeup, beauty, confidence, girlfriend, lipstick Be sure to click on over to www.dailydimmick.com


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