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Some people eat their emotions. I paint mine.


In June of 2022 I went from the last name of Traub to Harris. Thus you will see “Traub” face out and Harris standing tall.

All Art You Love can be ordered  framed or unframed in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

You may call me 503-686-1109 or email me elizabethharrisconsulting@gmail.com



Voted “The best Kids Furniture Store by Portland Parent” Year after year. To many to count.

Slowly throughout the day people trickled in. I had lots of time in-between customers so I started painting things. I started painting away the nerves of being a new furniture and design boutique owner.

Looking at each display and painting abstract canvas pieces to match my beautiful displays. And they sold. Then I started painting custom canvases & furniture for my clients.

Then a step stool, then more furniture. As my business grew and my client list grew I painted murals. I painted pieces for the Portland Street of Dreams. I painted anything that would hold paint and add to the design of a room. And guess what 30 years later and I am still doing just that painting anything that holds paint.

“Emily” by Elizabeth Traub

Over the years I have had many creative outlets. Raising 5 children and exposing them to arts and crafts have been one of my greatest joys. Teaching art classes an even greater joy. Especially handing a canvas & paints brushes to kids and seeing the individual style and process they each have.

“Ethan” by Elizabeth Traub

I was highly criticized while attending the Art Institute of Seattle for my style of painting. With structure and a specific criteria on what to paint I failed miserably. There I learned how to meet the client’s need. I learned how to design the right look for the right room.

“Eric” by Elizabeth Traub

Today, painting is my release, my rest, my restoring of 55 years. I am learning and growing as I make this my second half of a life fulfilling of a dream and passion. Telling the stories of my life through paints & canvas. Some people eat their emotions. I am painting mine.

“Emerson” by Elizabeth

Each of the pieces on this page represent and are named after each of my children. They have been my biggest fans, my inspirations and the joy of my life over the past the past 33 years of raising my kids.

” I wanted to add more art pieces to my home(s). Elizabeth was able to customize both sizes and colors for various rooms. Both homes very different in style and design. Her knowledge as an interior designer made the decision process exciting and fun. Each commissioned piece turned out better than expected.” Gordon H.

“I ordered two pieces from Elizabeth. One for my dining room and one above my bed. Elizabeth helped me choose the right pictures and sizes. Now to work on my bathroom. She was very easy to work with.”

Suzey P.

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