Artist Elizabeth Traub

Some people eat their emotions.

I paint mine.

The artist is in.

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Here is my story… I sat at the counter of my new interior design store in 1993. Every day waiting for customers.

“Rainbow Blush” by Elizabeth Traub

Slowly throughout the day people trickled in. I had lots of time in-between customers so I started painting things. I started painting away the nerves of being a new shop owner.

“Ocean Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

Looking at each display and painting abstract pieces to match my displays.

Then a step stool, then furniture. As my business grew and my client list grew I painted murals. The 90’s were big on murals. I painted pieces for the Portland Street of Dreams. I painted anything that would hold paint and add to the design of a room.

Over the years I have had many creative outlets. Raising 5 children and exposing them to arts and crafts has been one of my greatest joys. Teaching art classes an even greater joy. Especially handing a canvas, paints brushes and seeing the individual style and process and being open thoughts and ideas.

I was highly criticized while attending the Art Institute of Seattle. With structure and a specific criteria on what to paint I failed miserably. There I learned how to meet the client’s need.

“Emerson” By Elizabeth Traub

Today, painting is my release, my rest, my restoring of 55 years. I am learning and growing as I make this my second half of life fulfilling of a dream and passion. Some people eat their emotions. I am painting mine.

“Briquettes” by Elizabeth Traub

Please enjoy my personal gallery. Weekly new pieces are added.

All pieces can be ordered in beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints framed or unframed. Price will vary based on size.

If you would like a commissioned piece I would love to help design the color pallet for your space.

Please email: OR Text: 503-686-1109 if you have questions or would like a commissioned piece.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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