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Thank you for taking this next step.  We give you the confidence to take that next step in your business or personal growth.  We do our best to respond to each email within 24 hours. If your need is urgent please specify in the subject line of your email. Please allow us the honor of helping you with Your Dreams & Passions”

Elizabeth Traub, Elizabeth Traub Consulting, ETC, Business Consultant, Career Mom, Working Mom

Please contact Elizabeth Traub if you  would like to inquire about:

Emily Otteson Music: Please put in the subject line, “Emily Otteson Music”, if you would like to consider Emily for ALL bookings.

Consulting Services:  A free one hour consultation via skype or phone, to determine which service profile fits your product or service need.

Speaking Engagement: Elizabeth & Emily are availabe to put on growth and heart growing events around the topics important to you or your audience. Conference presentations based on your needs and our experience.

Media Appearance: Presentation and introduction of your product or services.

Sponsorship: Would  you like to sponsor an event? We have ideas on how to bring value to your product or service by partnering with our clients.  Working as a team that is mutually beneficial.

Partnership Opportunity: As innovators in business, we often need a new set of eyes, ears, and experience to bring value to the developmental process of your service or product.  If you would like to partner on a product, be available in our data base to be called on, please contact us with what you bring to the table. Or contact us so we can help bring new meaning & definition to your project.

We would love to connect with you. When contacting us, please leave us with your connecting links, the best number to reach you at, and the best time to call you.  Thank you so much. -Elizabeth & Emily

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I have always loved wet spring days in the #northwest. Calming and soothing to my soul. Rainy days slow me down. Looking out the window and sipping my coffee when I should be racing out the door. Thank you God for rain, for blossoms, and this day. #prettyinpink This picture taken from my doorstep w/Mayfair filture. #Farmlifewithcones Time to bring #BeanieBabies back. Raise your hand if you have a gazillion stashed away. When the going gets tough then time for a 🍪 and coffee. Sunday morning bonding with the 14 year old watching baseball. But really drinking a big cup of coffee and staring at the screen. #HappySunday #baseball #traubboys
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