Emily Otteson


Our Editor-in-Chief, Emily Otteson, is an accomplished writer and lyricist.  Emily brings fresh perspective and ideas to our unique team. Emily proofs each article on on our clients’ sites, projects, and posts to ensure quality and accuracy in our written content. She is a brilliant writer and writes for our clients. She is a brilliant creator of content, often bringing her experiences in life into each written post. She is a lover of nature, horses, and music.  She is first a musician. Visit her website here: www.emilyottesonmusic

Emily Otteson

Emily Otteson @emilytheott

Emily has worked creatively with companies like Jockey International, Starbucks,  and a variety of non-profits. She is passionate about creative expression and loves small business.



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Your #HappyMonday #MerryChristmas comes from @emerdoodlez This photo popped up on #Facebook memories. We had the mic and speaker set up. Any one of the kids akways giving their best Christmas mini concerts. #ItsAWonderfulLife when we step into all the things that are good about our lives. Little traffic jam thius morning. #FarmlifeWithCones I just received a beautiful package from my sister. I would eat this, but my mouth would start bubbling. If ever there was a moment to be tempted to lick soap this would be that moment. #handmade #organicsoap #organicsoaps #maranthashop #marantha

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