“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am about to step into alot of celebrations. The past weeks my art has been a finishing process of pieces started and finishing up.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am getting married in less than four weeks. I will begin signing my art as Elizabeth Harris. Let’s, “Celebrate” the benchmarks made in my art business. More importantly my relationship.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Let’s celebrate a job well done. Holding hands, long drives, dinners together, early morning chats. You can celebrate daily your smallest wins and joys.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I read a post on a new baby being born. Celebrate your children. Celebrate the old, the new and the day you are in. We do not have to over think to find something to celebrate.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Summer is almost here. Our kids are finishing another school year. Many graduating. And did I mention marriage. Let’s celebrate life every day.

With Love, Elizabeth.

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“The Intersection”

“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Today was one of those hard days of painting. Thinking, processing, quiet, music, coffee, water, and Gordon through the glass door, out another glass door that is our front outdoor area. It’s like we are together but removed by doors and glass because we can see each other and talk through this room. And even though I am having a hard day my day is brightened by his energy and joy. I keep painting out my thoughts, my prayers and my heart on situations that I have no control over. Situations that lead to hard choices being made. Standing at some kind of unknown cross road and asking the questions which way. No maps. No GPS just standing at, “The Intersection” of choices that will affect your life today.

"The Intersection" Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub
“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am carrying some heavy mama heart things. Between my kids and his kids we have eight to love and care for. Additoanally a beautiful daughter-in-love and grandson. Adult friendships that I cherish with each one. A listening ear when calls are made. Some days I have to step into my studio and do lots of praying and lots of thinking while I am painting. Today was one of those days. I tried to paint. And then I scrapped it. Which every artist knows is lots of wasted time and paint. Then I did a pour and with the colors loved it, then didn’t love it and scrapped it. More waisted paint. The color values were not stretching across the canvas as I had hoped. My painting energy connected to a dear one of my own. “The Intersection” of big decisions and here I am doing the same as I paint. Not really where to take my painting and my art this day.

Then I thought, pull some of your favorite colors and just make it happen. And this happened. And I love it. And this dear one pulled together favorite humans to come along side to help make those hard decisions. No longer at, “The Intersection” alone.

“The Intersection” named by Mark Caton

I could not come up with a name. I went to Facebook to ask my community. One person, Mark Caton, offered this name, “The Intersection”. There were many great names offered, but the minute I read his choice I knew this piece was going to be named. It’s always intersting to see what I come up with when my heart is heavy. Today my heart is heavy. The details are important. Today those details are poured out onto the canvas praying for my kids. Praying that God would be present in the process because at the end of the day. He truly knew this day. H knows the beginning, middle and end.

“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Wherever you are in your story please know that God is with you. I truly know God’s presence in my own life in hard situations. Facing the realities presented and asking God that others would see HIM in me. Seeing God in the middle of pain. Seeing God in the middle of a hard chapter of our story. Today God showing up and giving me peace in praying knowing that we are going to see HIM because he knows, “The Intersection” of life you are facing.

You can purschase this piece is up for sale on my selling page. Add this to your gallery, home, or any space or place in your home.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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“Awaking” Art You Love

“Awaking” just might be Art You Love for a very long time. Hanging a piece of art becomes part of your design story for many years. I have a beautiful painting I bought in 2000. My kids know only this very large piece that has hung in our family room for years. I have moved a few times and that piece has follwed and been placed over the same sofa. It knows all our stories, conversations and events in these rooms.

“Awaking” can be placed above your sofa, a chest, buffet, or your bed. It’s one of those pieces that is subtle and brings an subdued element of design with a mature statement.

I was inspired to paint this after visiting with my son and his wife. They have a beautiful minimalistic home with natural wood tones, accents of black and sheer white. The most appropriate thing for me do was to paint a piece that would fit into the design so many have today.

I am always exploring opportunities to paint more to the styles of friends of family. The question I typically have for myself when visiting a home is, “What can I paint to put on their wall?” As I sit and listen to the conversations I am also envisioning what I might paint. Creating and painting in my head the colors, style and how to capture a piece to fit.

If you are interesred in purchasing Art You Love by Elizabeht Traub you can always start HERE which takes you to my purchase page. There you can see all the styles I have for sale. If you need a custome piece you can reach out to me and I would be happy to design and paint the piece that would work best in your spaces and places.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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Rainbow Story

“Rainbow Story” In Your Living Room

Everyone has a, “Rainbow Story”. Plain and simple as that. We see them most while driving on the freeway with wide open spaces after a heavy rain. Sometimes if we are really lucky we see a double rainbow and shout with glee, grab our phones and try to capture that unique and beautiful moment.

“Rainbow Story” Above Your Shelf

Every morning the sun shines into my bathroom. I have a rainbow welcoming me to a new day on the bathroom counter. A ray of sunshine hitting the elements of life and giving me this. Crazy that there is no artist but God himself giving me this rainbow.

My “Rainbow Story” starts every single morning.

My real, “Rainbow Story” began in the 70’s. It was peace signs and rainbows. Back in those days a rainbow represented God’s promise to never flood earth again. My Sunday school teacher told the story of, “Noah and the Ark”. The vibrant and bright colors were hummed to a song I also learned in Sunday school. It went like this.

“First there’s red and orangy too, then there’s yellow and green and blue. Last is purple and now you know all the colors of God’s rainbow.”

You never forget a song like that. The 70’s took me to the late 1970’s when I was apopted into a home with my OWN room. Being the middle of five kids I had never had my own room. Then my, “Rainbow Story” changed.

“Rainbow Story” Above Your Sofa

My, “Rainbow Story” was about decorating two twin beds as a teenager. With this bedding and an official, my own room, rainbow room. I was a church kid. The story of God’s promise was front and center growing up in the Pacific NW. Lots of rain and lots of rainbows.

My late 1970’s bedding.

Imagine two twin beds dressed in this darling rainbow bedding. Add in a rainbow pillow, a rainbow ring, a rainbow t-shirt. It was an era of color and design. There were not whispers of LGBTQ. Nothing of the sort. It was the start of my, “Rainbow Story” which was a new and safe home. My own bedroom. My new mom getting me the dream room I always wanted.

“Rainbow Story” In Your Favorite Space”

Then one day a select group coined the rainbow as part of their identity. In a Christian culture many of thought that our beautiful rainbow was hijacked by a culture that has fallen away from God. Yet if you really understood the Bible and Jesus you would know one important thing. Jesus loved people right where they are at. He showed up in the middle of the crowds, regardless of what story a perhaps had. Regardless of how they lived their lives. Jesus was right there loving people and offering a promise of hope and love.

“Rainbow Story” At Your Table.

My story of hope with a new family where I was safe. No longer afraid to go to sleep at night. Fearing a step-father who would come into your room and assualt you. A set of rainbow sheets was my story of hope. I grew up knowing Jesus. In the midst of crazy family abuse I was dreaming of a rainbow bedroom.

“Rainbow Story” Aboe Your Shelf

The beautiful story of a rainbow is something I am pretty sure we all have. We can all remember the last rainbow we saw in the sky. The rainbow representing a cultue, a Bible Story, a bedroom design, a drive on the freeway. We all have one. What is yours?

You can find “Rainbow Story” and all the Art You Love on my Art For Sale Tab.

Comment, share. Say hello. Let me know you, your thoughts and your, “Rainbow Story”.

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Scheffler For The Win

“Scheffler” for the win.

It’s was a “Master’s” golf weekend. I really wanted to paint a green jacket. The esteemed green jacket for the winner of the “Master’s Golf Tournement 2022”. On the first day of the Master’s PGA Tournament I was watching one of the players, Scottie Scheffler. He is one of the world’s best golfers. Although the outcome of the Master’s was far from being determined I decided on the first day of the 2022 Master’s that I would call my first painting of the day, “Sheffler”. Why not. I am inspired as Gordon and watch closely what the pro’s are doing. How they are holding their clubs. I had no idea that Scottie Scheffler would win, but on this first day of a golfer’s biggest tournement it seemed appropiate.

It turns out that Scottie Scheffler did in fact win the green jacket. It was an amazing tournament to watch. Golf is one of those slow and steady sports. The camera guys do a fantastic job of tracking the ball. Which I love because I can hardly keep an eye on my own ball.

I painted this piece with the amazing colors of the day. There are no greens or golf indications of this piece except for the name.

An added note is that I have discovered something interesting. I got a new perscription in my glasses. One that was about four years overdue. The reality is when your eyes are declining very slowly you have no idea how bad your eyes may be. Only to realize that many of my photo edits have a very slight blurr to them. As does this piece. Which will be fixed on all those pieces. Funny thing is you may not have noticed it had I not pointed it out. I certainly never noticed.

Getting back to this piece. I love color. I live in the Pacific Northwest and the muted tones of nature are big here in this part of the country. However when I visit galleries all over the United States I see vibrant colors in all the art galleries. If you want a wonderful pop of color then consider, “Scheffler for the win”.

You can click on the “Art For Sale” tab and find all the Art You Love by yours truly Elizabeth Traub. Soon to be Elizabeth Harris.

Playing golf

Seemed appropriate to end this post with a golf selfie.

Share, comment and let me know you stopped by.

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Name Change Coming

You may have noticed some changes around this website. In June I will be married and become Mrs. Elizabeth Harris. So it is only appropiate to change this website after 14 years. I will start signing my art as “Elizabeth Harris”. Eventually I will change the actual website address. For now just updating my information within the platform.

Mr. & Mrs. Harris

It’s an easy transition to make. It may confuse a few people. The reality is that most of my sharing links to my viewers on other platforms which link back to this website regardlesss of the name. Which brings me to a very important detail in managing an art business or any business.

Are you sharing your art, service or product? Are you linking back to YOUR website, your information, your artworkj, service or product? That is how people are going to find you. Maybe you are selling on several platforms. I know I am. I have my own selling site here. I am also on Wayfair and Etsy. Where you choose to send someone to buy your products is important.

Where do you ultimately want your customer’s to land? Make that your sharing link on all your social platforms. A name change is a small detail in the big picture. (Pun intended). The bigger picture is where I am sending my potential buyers.

Mrs. Elizabeth Harris is a lovely name. If you see this name now floating around my website. NOW YOU KNOW!!!

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Keep At It

I’m not going to candy coat the emotions that I have experienced over the last three weeks. It is been hard.  It has been challenging. It has been a barrage of emotions colliding with absolute pure excitement as I work on selling my art with a national brand. Until I have it up and running I won’t disclose the name of the company.  It’s a whole new level of experience that I’ve personally never experienced.

I took a break, played some golf and these guys flew in.

I have taken breaks from working and sitting at my computer workingto learn the system.   Each break resulted in painting like crazy. Crazy wild painting to ease my process. Trying to ease the level of anxiety in this new project.

“Crazy Wild Painting”

The picture above is my drop cloth. Maybe a mess. Maybe a beautiful abstract painting.

I have wanted to give up, quit and think this is not worth the trouble. Trouble equals my learning curve.  The reality is for the last 10 months I have went through all the trouble to get here and now that I’m here I’m facing another huge mountain.

Ever feel like you want to give up? I felt that way last november. I had decided last spring that I wanted to have a goal of  painting and being a supplier to larger box store and online markets. It seemed unrealistic but as I walk through department stores and design stores I would see their stock pictures and think, ” Wow I can do better than that.”  Given my interior design background and my flare for color and trending colors I decided that would be my goal. And to work I went learning another side to a retail industry I grew up in and love.

Not yet named but working out stress by painting and painting.

Last February I read an article about how successful painters will paint over 150 pieces a year.   I got to work. Two art studios. Fully supplied with everything to have success in painting. I have in my stock house over 200 pieces that are ready to go when it’s go time.

I submitted applications, knocked on doors and virtually got nothing in return. All doubts have tried to rob my soul of creativity and confidence,  I read something that was on Zig Ziglar’s Facebook page.  It went something like this, ” Don’t give up today because tomorrow might be the day that things change everything.” After having read that and going through the emotions of wanting to give up I decided  to take one day at a time. Daily thanking God for today.  Do the work each day. Thanking God daily for Gordon, my family, my friends who encourage me. Then I’m going to take the next day and repeat.  One day at a time.

Not yet named. Another piece finished as I work out the challenges.

One afternoon I opened my email up with an invitation to become part of this national retail organization.  I about flipped over backwards in my chair. I read, reread, and read the email countless times. Then I looked up every detail the email provided to make sure it was not a fake. It was real as the next day was followed by countless emails to get started.

A few days later another opportunity presented itself, another big company interested in my art.  Within 3 days I had more adrenaline pumping through my veins that I could have imagined. What next? Where do I start? I had all my ducks in a row. I am ready. The hard work was behind me…so I thought.

As with any goal we might have there’s going to be a hill to climb and then you might get to the what you think is the top and then you walk another mile and there’s another big hill and that is where I am today.

Not yet named. Another stress induced painting.

I get to the top of what I think is a plateau, take a pause, journal, thank God, pray and then I paint some more and then I get back at it. Working through the next hill which is really a mountain which is really a universe in my book of realities to face and climb through my learning curve.

This unnamed piece is a favorite.

When I attended the Art Institute of Seattle there was this project that we were given in my painting class. Itt was to scribble on a page without lifting your pen and then paint it using only five colors. Then there was another project which was to freehand sharp corners and edges and then paint using only two colors.

Art Institute Project One.

When I felt overwhelmed while in art school I would always go back to this little exercise and I kind of felt like it was the elementary school’s version of paint by number except there were no numbers.

Art Institute Project Two

Guess who brought back this exercise after almost 35 years I sat down yesterday I made the squiggle lines, I chose my colors. I made the sharp lines and I chose my colors. I knocked it out. This exercise brought such peace and calm. I think the reason is is because it was a start and a finish in one day.

My favorite stress working out painting.

I am truly blessed in this journey to have this opportunity. I know I will learn the things I don’t know. I am teachable. This process is challenging. If you are in the beginning of your goals keep at. If you are in the middle keep at it. If you have arrived make new goals and keep at it.

Not yet named

As you can see it’s been a stressful week based on the number of pieces produced this week. I will keep at it.

Have a wonderful week. Elizabeth

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I Took A Poll

I took a poll on several social media sites and in several private groups. This was hard for me. Putting my artwork out there to be critiqued. I told myself I would not look at the results until after my weekend because I am happy and excited about the future and did not want my heart to be distracted by any down side. I was super excited about celebrating my brother’s 50th birthday party. I texted messages some of my biggest critics as well. Polling on what their top five favorite might be out of about 20 pieces of art. Also asking for any critiques they might have. The polling goal was to break down by age, demographics, post pieces that were different color stories and style.

Brushes & Painting

It feels like I am standing naked in front of my colleagues. Art and sharing is that way for most creative people. Our artwork shares pieces of our hearts. Our artful creations tells pieces of our story and journey. Thus it cuts to the core, even the best critique or advice. It is necessary to grow.

It’s Sunday as I type this. I am now looking over what I have asked my family, friends, community and colleagues to do. Rate their top five. Tell me what you think? What flaws do you see or not see? And here I sit on this freezing cold Sunday and tears start falling. Aligning my spreadsheets with the results. Taking a calculated approach to the creative parts of me. There is not one negative comment. Here I am running my own research campaign. Here I am putting my paintings out there to be, well you know, picked apart. I have nothing but positive notes. Even received a few orders. (Which is a wonderful surprise).

I am in a space of complete excitement colliding with fear as I move into the next level of selling my artwork. No one sees your hard work. No one is sitting at the blank canvas with ideas in your head begging to be painted. No one can read your mind. Knowing that even while you are a passenger in a car chatting away about things that have nothing to do with painting you are thinking about what to paint next.

Deciding on what colors are next.

I set a goal from April of 2021-December of 2021 to develop my art business. I read somewhere in the gazillion blogs, news pieces, gallery write-ups, and artist interviews that the most successful artists can produce 52 pieces a year. Being the over achiever I tend to be I set out to do that. I ended up designing, painting, and creating 100 pieces. I worked tirelessly to promote, and made my website to be a designer showcase of my art. Who is looking? Who cares? Am I really good at this? Do I have to be good at this? Do people even realize how much work goes into one single brush stroke? Abstract What?

And the admin. part which I loathe. In my brand and marketing business, in my interior design business, and managing my own retail business for years I had people. I hired people to do the jobs that I was not very good at. Number one being the admin part yet I have even managed to make that a priority. Learn what I need to learn. Truth be told I just learned two days ago to scan a document on my fancy printer. A feature I had not ever used. Are any of my readers from the mail in, fax in era. You get this, right?!

One of my biggest cheerleaders, Gordon.

Then my biggest fan of all. Almost daily pushing me forward with his words of encouragement. I heard his end of phone calls. Telling his friends how good I am. Looking into the art room and telling me his favorites…and not so favorites. He proudly ordered four pieces for his own home. He is not a man of lip service. He is not a flatterer. When he likes something he tells you. When he does not like something he tells you. My biggest fan and my biggest critic. He has made me cry a few times. Yet I learned things I could do better. He has made me cry sometimes when telling me how cool he thought a piece of my art is and continues to encourage me and his words reach into the creative parts of my heart almost daily.

Filling Up The Space With My Favorites.

“I Took A Poll”. Why? Because I have goals and dreams for my paintings. I easily get lots on the apron, colored with the paints of the past. I get lost in designing, creating and enjoying the quiet of my thoughts of color and design coming alive. For the past several months I have shared, vetted out the ones that scale lower than others. “I Took A Poll” with my top 20 most popular paintings because I LOVE THEM ALL. the results are in. I am learning and growing from a business perspective that goes beyond the paint brush and canvas.

Thank you everyone. The 25-65 people who daily visit my website. The 200-400 weekly visits to my website is validation of my creative artful paintings. Having been a retail designer store I know what it feels like to have 10 people walk into my store daily. I know what a busy weekend of 20,30,100 customers walking into my store. My website gives me the same feels. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who took th time to comment and share your thoughts on your favorite pieces.

I had to come hear today and write this out in a post.

All of my Art You Love pieces you see can be ordered in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints. Many sizes to fit your spaces and places. Please use the contact form below and let me know if you would like a price quote on a size or piece of ART YOU LOVE. I would love to see how my paintings would fit into your home, office or business. Discounts are available to qualified retailers and galleries. 

Fill out the contact form to send me a note.

Please note that the watermark with my website is NOT on your Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

Every Room Deserves a Beautiful Piece of Art!!!

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Call To Your Heart

“Call To Your Heart” by Elizabeth Traub

This piece is one of those that has a deep meaning. It was painted and finished during a phone call. Her heart in process and my heart listening. Many years of mentoring young women through church and through Young Life. Many years of listening and asking questions prepared my heart to do the same with those closest to my heart.

“Call To Your Heart” by Elizabeth Traub

We are in a time when gathering as a community is riddled with fear of getting sick. And we are no longer sitting at our kitchen tables with our neighbors, our kids’ mom or dad friends, or afterschool playdates. We are not outward processing with a real human like we use to. Zoom calls, phone calls, social media, emails. My heart hurts for those who just want to be hugged and told that they matter.

"Call To Your Heart" by Elizabeth Traub
“Call To Your Heart” by Elizabeth Traub

It does not sit well with me to hang on a phone. Why? I want to hug that person on the other end of the phone and fill that love tank full. Yet in this season and time it’s a long phone call. All while chatting away the process of our hearts I am painting. Mixing and stoking the canvas with each thought being heard and spoken.

"Call To Your Heart" by Elizabeth Traub
“Call To Your Heart” by Elizabeth Traub

What is the, “Call To Your Heart” today. Maybe someone needs to be heard. Make that call. Ask questions and listen. Maybe you need to be heard. Call me. Call me now. 503-686-1109. I do not have all the answers. I have my resume of life that has brought me to 56 years of pure joy as I work out my brokenness with my people. My people, my family, my partner, my friends. Maybe the “Call To Your Heart” is having a perfect stranger on the other end of the phone.

"Call To Your Heart" by Elizabeth Traub
“Call To Your Heart” by Elizabeth Traub

This is my art & painting blog. And YES I am promoting and selling my heart out. All of that comes to a screeching halt when there is a “Call To Your Heart”. A call that says, “hey I could use someone to talk to. I can use a listening ear. I have a process I need to work out.” Guess what I am here. Whether you purchase art or not.

"Call To Your Heart" by Elizabeth Traub
“Call To Your Heart” by Elizabeth Traub

In recent weeks I have had many of those long phone conversations. The reality is we ALL need to process outward to get the word and thoughts out. “Call To Your Heart” is a honor to yourself when you place yourself in the space of a loving and caring person.

If you would like to order any of the following pieces you can fill out the contact form below. Or if you need a custom size you fill out the contact form for a size and price quote. OR if you just need to outward process something important in your life you can do that, too. Love and Blessings, Elizabeth

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There Is Art In Everything

There is art in everything. It’s like God poured His Holiness into everything beautiful. The colors, the contrast, the dark and the light. The messy, the organized, the highs and the lows our visionary minds start the story and end the story. We see something at a glance which tells our brain our story or gives our brain a word. We look at it again and it’s meaning changes. For example the mailboxes.

“Mailboxes” Caught this out of the corner of my eye and looked like a big nail in the lawn. Haha.

For a moment we capture that one picture and it’s filed in our image rolodex called our brain.

My coffee after adding a vanilla flavor and heavy cream. I have painting similar to this.

We work so hard to bury or purge the things we do not want to remember. We logged images without even thinking about them. Those images for unknown reasons or reasons we know stay in that rolodex. My boys like scary and gross things. They will say, “Mom, watch this” or “Look at this” or “Watch this movie with me.” My response to gross and scary things are, “I don’t want those images in my head.”

Standing at the right spot to capture the full experience of this building. (Space available in West Linn, OR)

Maybe it’s the creative side of me. Maybe others do not experience the logging of images with the same intensity I do. I was that kid who could and still can remember every detail in a room, on a desk or even a paper. Thus I guard what I put into my rolodex.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments from the past. I had to zoom in and take a picture. I will be painting this soon.

This gets a little more personal and may be a trigger for some. If it is, use this space and time to learn how to purge and release those images. I was sexually abused by my step father. As a young girl, I would imagine walking in a beautiful flower garden with Catholic Jesus. White robed and long haired Jesus holding my had in beautiful flower gardens while I was being assaulted. I have images that comforted a young girl being assaulted. I remember in counseling sharing this with a very nice lady. She did not believe my heart was as joyful and happy as I was at 15. Having been taken from that abusive situation my new adoptive parents put me in counseling. I shared this with the counselor and she was taken back that a young 5 year old girl could take herself out of that horrific space into a garden with Jesus holding her hand. Images tell our story. Sometimes that story is painful and hard and we get to choose what images to bring to our thoughts.

Catholic Jesus praying in the garden. God speaking to my childlike heart and reminding me that no matter what Jesus is with me.

Logged as an image are the stories of our life. The more we take notes of the beautiful things the less space for the things we choose to not remember.

Every sunset I see is like my first. So moved and I always pause and thank God for this gift.

There is art in everything. My brain logs thousands of pictures daily. Now with camera ready phones I am able to log many of those images. Thinking this might be an inspring piece. Or laughing at myself when I see something differently that what it actually is. Like the mailbox picture. I may think, “I want to figure out how to paint this” and then snap a picture. Or this image inspires me to paint with similar colors.

Oregon City, OR waterfalls. Pouring rain and stopped to see how high the water was. Thinking of the gray tones to paint.

Our vision is a beautiful gift to log the gazillion things we see. Fill your mind with beautiful images. “There is Art In Everything”.

If you have experienced pain and trauma in your past and parts of this post triggered something you need to purge. You may use the contact form below and reach out and talk with me. I would be happy to fill your heart and soul with healing words. With Love, Elizabeth Traub

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“Harrison” by Elizabeth Traub

Sometimes all the elements of color, design and balance splash onto the canvas. Then the name hits you. And “Harrison” just happened.

Look how this room is transformed with “Harrison” by Elizabeth Traub

I was thinking about a name change, soon to be married to a Harris. Asking myself if Harris is a first or last name for anyone. I was thinking that “Harrison” sounds like a distinguished first name. As I was painting I thought, “Gosh what would make a great name for a painting, actually this painting.”

“Harrison” by Elizabeth Traub

Thus we have this stunning piece called, “Harrison”. I really love this piece. I have been working with a lot of earth tones this month. Not my typical bright colors. You may be seeing more of the earthy tones coming as I prepare for a buyers market at the end of the month.

“Harrison” by Elizabeth Traub

All of my Art You Love pieces can be ordered in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. Many sizes to fit your spaces and places. Please use the contact form below and let me know if you would like a price quote on a size. I would love to see how “Harrison” would fit into your home, office or business.

Discounts are available to qualified retailers and galleries. 

Below are ready to order sizes. If you choose either of these sizes I will throw in free shipping anywhere in the United States. Just fill out the contact form and I will honor that.

Please note that the watermark with my website is NOT on your Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

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“Prompt” by Elizabeth Traub

Timing is every whether intended or unintended. Ever have a situation where you were at the right place at the right time? You were inspired to show up and just be there. Someone said, “go” and you did. You were on time. You were, “Prompt”

Such a clean and inspiring look to you works space with “Prompt” by Elizabeth Traub

Maybe you were early. The opportunity presented itself. Your early arrival was prompt for that opportunity. As if the universe was saying, “go early”. And you did and something wonderful happened.

“Prompt” by Elizabeth Traub

Maybe you were ridiculously late and missed your scheduled appointment. Yet another opportunity was presented. You were “Prompt”. On time for that moment. I have had three events in my life thinking how much more prompt could I have been in this moment?

“Prompt” by Elizabeth Traub

Funny word as it can be used in a way to encourage or simply mean on time. In the context of my painting the inspiration for both the colors and the name come from thinking that no matter what I paint it is right on time for the person who is inspired by it. The colors I chose are some of my favorites. I went shopping for new paints and colors to mix and could not wait to use these. Funny thing is this may not yet be finished. Yet as it is, on time, inspiring and, “Prompt”. Naming paintings is funny isn’t it.

"Prompt" by Elizabeth Traub
“Prompt” by Elizabeth Traub

All of my Art You Love pieces can be ordered in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. Many sizes to fit your spaces and places. Please use the contact form below and let me know if you would like a price quote on a size. I would love to see how “Prompt” would fit into your home, office or business. Discounts are available to qualified retailers and galleries. 

Below are ready to order sizes. If you choose either of these two sizes I will throw in free shipping anywhere in the United States. Just fill out the contact form and I will honor that.

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Sweet Calli

"Sweet Calli" by Elizabeth Traub
“Sweet Calli” by Elizabeth Traub

I painted a canvas call “Calli”. It was with the golds, browns, greys, and harvest tones. I had a lot of paint left over. Typically after mixing my paints and working on painting my canvas I have very little of my mixed colors left over when I am finished. Today I had ALOT left over.

"Sweet Calli" by Elizabeth Traub
Above your desk add “Sweet Calli” by Elizabeth Traub

I prepared another canvas with a white bases to smooth out and extend the leftover colors. Then I mixed a soft pink and brighter pink. As I let each layer and color dry the added pinks made this piece look so sweet. If I still had my kid’s home interior store I would be ordering this piece over and over. I can see this in special little girls room.

“Sweet Calli” by Elizabeth Traub in your child’s room.

I have to admit. I miss those days of owning and operating a kid’s designer showroom. I could paint to my heart’s content and design beautiful painting to fit my room displays. I did not have to go out and hustle galleries or share a piece online to promote or sell. I could find a scratched piece of furniture in my warehouse and not worry about sending it back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer would give me a discount on the piece for not shipping it back. I would then turn around and paint something on it.

Add that one piece that makes your room. Add “Sweet Calli” by Elizabeth Traub

After thinking about “Sweet Calli” in a little child’s room I was immediately drawn to the placement into your most formal room. Formal living spaces are often minimal in design. It’s not the busiest place in your home. It’s more often the occasional fancy room for entertaining. Adding in a beautiful conversation piece that makes the room pop is a great idea. Tying in the golden harvest hues brings this piece in perfectly.

Just a hint of blue with “Sweet Calli” by Elizabeth Traub makes this sofa more edgy.

All of my Art You Love pieces can be ordered in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. Many sizes to fit your spaces and places. Please use the contact form below and let me know if you would like a price quote on a size. I would love to see how “Sweet Calli” would fit into your home, office or business. Discounts are available to qualified retailers and galleries. 

Below are ready to order sizes. If you choose either of these three sizes I will throw in free shipping anywhere in the United States. Just fill out the contact form and I will honor that.

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"RazMaTaz" by Elizabeth Traub
“RazMaTaz” by Elizabeth Traub

Come on say it with me, ” RazMaTaz RazMaTaz”.

"RazMaTaz" by Elizabeth Traub
“RazMaTaz” by Elizabeth Traub

I don’t know what it is about this piece but it makes me just want to say it over and over again, “RazMaTaz”. Maybe it’s actually razzle metazzo or other ways of saying it but when I was growing up for some reason my mom every once in awhile would bust out and say, “RazMaTaz”. I don’t know if it was her way of getting the attention of her five children or if she just had a happy thought in her head.

"RazMaTaz" by Elizabeth Traub
Adding in “RazMaTaz” by Elizabeth Traub Can bring out the dull colors of a furniture piece.

The word just popped out of my head while finishing up this piece. When the word popped into my brain I immediately thought of my birth mother that I lived with until the age of 12 or 13. She was bouncy and happy on her good days. Which there were many of those days in growing up with her. The colors on the canvas came out in a “RazMaTaz” kind of way.

"RazMaTaz" by Elizabeth Traub
Add in “RazMaTaz” by Elizabeth Traub to that entry all that needs a bright tough of joy and happiness.

When I painted this piece I was actually in a very state of pure happiness and joy. When I paint with lots of color I’m usually in that state of joy and happiness. I’m typically a very happy person anyway but this particular piece reminded me of being 4 years old and hearing my mother say, Elizabeth, “RazMaTaz.”

"RazMaTaz" by Elizabeth Traub
“RazMaTaz” by Elizabeth Traub

I have no deep thoughts or stories around how I started this piece. I just gathered an abundance of colors, mixed them up, gathered my painting tools and worked at it. After painting all the colors in a washed out fashion it seemed a bit drab and lacking the luster I think it needed. With the leftover paints I just started splashing the colors on. I love how this piece turned out. “RazMaTaz ” can brighten up your home.

"RazMaTaz" by Elizabeth Traub
“RazMaTaz” by Elizabeth Traub

All of my Art You Love pieces can be ordered in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prinst. So many sizes to fit your spaces and places. Please use the contact form below and let me know if you would like a price quote on a size. I would love to see how “RazMaTaz” would fit into your home, office or business. Discounts are available to qualified retailers and galleries.

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"Sotto" by Elizabeth Traub
“Sotto” by Elizabeth Traub

“Sotto” is one of those words you find in a thesaurus that is another meaning for the word whisper. I wanted to call this piece “Whispers” but I didn’t like the way it sounded. With how this piece turned out I thought “Sotto” was more appropriate. How does this piece represent whispering or “Sotto”? I will tell you exactly how. I tend to say out loud some of the things that I’m thinking. I call it processing outward and unedited. That moment when you say, “Did I just say that out loud?” And the people around you all say, “Yes you did.”

"Sotto" by Elizabeth Traub
“Sotto” by Elizabeth Traub

I’ve done this my whole life. There have been many times in the car when my kids will simply say, “Mom are you talking to me?” I’m thinking did I just say that out loud? My kids laugh and think I am a bit coo-coo, I have since learned how to kind of whisper my thoughts out loud because sometimes we just need to get all those words out of our head.

"Sotto" by Elizabeth Traub
“Sotto” by Elizabeth Traub

I’m going to start using the word “Sotto”. The color and balance of the grays, black, white and taupe are colors of subtle whispers. At first something seemed very electric about this piece. The more I looked at it the softer it became. It’s not quite bold enough or an electric in that it’s just a whisper of electric so therefore I’ve named it, “Sotto”.

"Sotto" by Elizabeth Traub
“Sotto” by Elizabeth Traub

I was asked how I come to the start and finish of each painting. I start with lining up colors. Mixing up colors and then putting saran wrap on the paints and colors I have chosen. It’s as if I see these colors and think…what can I create and paint with these specific colors. Sometimes days pass, I will be driving, or just tucked into bed and I see the finished painting. As I designer I always saw the finished room and could then work backwards on behalf of my client and assuring them how stunning the room would look completed because I could see all the details of a finished room. Painting is the same way. Once I saw the colors, the canvas and the finished painting I get to work.

"Sotto" by Elizabeth Traub
“Sotto” by Elizabeth Traub

All of my Art You Love pieces can be ordered in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print. So many sizes to fit your spaces and places. Please use the contact form below and let me know if you would like a price quote on a size. I would love to see how “Sotto” would fit into your home, office or business. Discounts are available to qualified retailers and galleries.

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