“Boho Me” by Elizabeth Harris Art

I created this collection of digital art in my “Boho Digital Gallery.” There are several different colorways in this collection. However, this colorway, “Boho Me” represented more of the colors in my home and in my closet.

How did I get started on this Boho journey of art. It started about 15 years ago when a sweet young gal came up to me. I had been presenting on business development for a host of savvy women. All entrepreneurs with their own businesses. It was an honor to share my own journey and what I have learned along the way in my entrepreneurial endeavors.  

Shortly after my talk was over this darling gal came up to me. I thought she was going to ask questions, want to meet and learn more how to grow her business. No, instead she said, “I love your Bohemian look”. I had no idea what that meant. I just smiled and said thank you. She was a stylish put together gal, so I took this as a compliment.

I thought, “Bohemian” was a community village somewhere in the back country of Africa. I asked my daughter what this gal could have meant. She said that it was a very true statement about me. My daughter went on to share that my free-spirited personality, not hindered by the ideas of others, a trend setter and open to all human’s kind of gal fit the bill. The fact that I was wearing a very bright patterned dress with a bright green jacket added to the look I was being complimented on.

This colorway is like the colors I was wearing that day over 15 years ago. I still have that dress.

I have very proud of this collection of digital art. I have created room designs for each colorway and will share in each individual blog for each piece.

I like to add my art pieces in real room arrangements. It’s the Interior Designer in me that wants to want you to see a piece as if in your own home.

Look around at my, “Boho Me” gallery. Here you have many options in which to order for your home, office or art gallery.

I am especially enjoying some of the accessories to go with my art pieces. Mugs, tote bags and trays are a favorite among my growing customer list. I have also added throw pillows in three different sizes.

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter. There I will share special events, giveaways, and sales.

Have a wonderful day.

Elizabeth Harris Art

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Elizabeth Harris Art Gallery Now Open

“Elizabeth Harris Art”

A brand new art gallery website has been opened. It’s been a year and a half of finding my place in the internet world of shopping for art you love. This page is simply here to send you to, “Elizabeth Harris Art”. Anywhere on this page you see “Elizabeth Harris Art” you can click and be redirected to my new art gallery website. I am not sure if all 24K of you will follow me there. I hope you do. Cheers!!!!!

Elizabeth Harris Art

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About to Launch Elizabeth Harris Art

For all the wild leftover paints you get this piece.

It’s been a busy month. I am working on launching a brand new website. This website, where you are reading now, will no longer be promoting, selling, or chatting about my endeavors in art. Rather I have packed up this website and will now have Elizabeth Harris Art. Launching on September 1st.

Let’s pack up this baby and make the move.

I cannot believe that after 10 years on this website I am moving and I am so excited. Ten years and it’s out with the old and in with the new. Elizabeth Harris Art will be featuring my best pieces over the past few years. Multiple pieces and sizes. Even some interior designer swag like pillows, canvas tote bags, trays, mugs, greeting card and so much more. I am pretty excited. It’s been a long time coming.

Let’s go on over and enjoy the party. Elizabeth Harris Art opening September 1st.

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“Watching You” by Elizabeth Harris

“Watching You” by Elizabeth Harris

I put this piece on Facebook and asked my community to help me name this. There were over 50 responses and ideas. It was hard to choose the best name. As I thought about the story behind starting this piece I chose the name “Watching You” appropiately named by Amy Caplin. Funny thing is my very first piece of art that I purchased was purchased from Amy. It was early 1999 or 2000. That painting still hangs in my living room almost 22 years later.

“Watching You” in your sitting room.

The cool thing about asking my community for help is in a series of many faces to be painted over the next few months I now have a full wheelhouse of name ideas.

“Watching You” above your desk.

The story about this piece. I have 8 kids. Five of mine and three of his. I love them all in their own unique way. They are all hardworking, living out their adult lives and letting me in. Social Media allows me to be watching their stories unfold. Thier shares are something I watch. I look forward to seeing. I have since learned that my 89 year old dad watches my storeis on IG. He recently told me it has been fun to see the silly things I share. “You are something Elizabeth” is what he said. “I enjoy watching you.” And having already chosen the name for this piece it became even more perfect.

“Watching You” above your sofa

“Watching You”. It’s a different style for me. I love color as you can see through out my website. However I am also learning digitized art to adapt a painting to a new color pallet for clients as needed. It expands art in ways that artists can only dream of. I know this has been available for years to alter art, but as I am taking my art business to newer and higher heights I am learning to utilize the tools availabe.

“Watching You” in your gallery

I never in my wildest dreams, those mid-eighties years at the Art Institue of Seattle, could imagine what technology would bring to the art world. Yet here we are and what a wonderful thing it all is. Following are some digitized pieces from original arcyclic painting on canvas. I love that I can produce color series that fit the vibe of any room, home or wall.

I think I may hav already mentioned that this is not my typical style. Yet it has received lots of attention on my social sites. You can find this on my selling page and order the stock sizes or message me for a custom size and quote. I also offer wholesale to qualified retailers. Woohoo. Guess who is “Wacthing You”?

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“Spring Fling”

“Spring Fling”

It’s a bit elecric with so much color and looking extraordinary. I started this piece in late spring. Always adding a bit more, a little more of this color and little more of that color. Flinging color here and there. Thus the name, “Spring Fling”. This was the last piece I painted before we packed up our winter home and headed north for the summer. It’s kind of surreal as I will come back to the place as Mrs. Harris. So many wonderful memories over the past three years. I love how “Spring Fling” looks in any room of yoru home. Just look how beautiful and stunning the swooping pops of color in the pictures below. Does you home need a pop of color. Go over to my sales page and order your print today.

One special memory is the outdoor sunny studio that my handsome man allowed space for. This was a beautiful outdoor room and I needed a space to be creative and that handsome man said, “Do you what you want.” I love him and how he supports me in my passions of art, painting and making big messes.

All the thrills of planning a wedding party, marrying the love of my life a new season. I am going to order a larger canvas wrapped print for my studio and maybe one of our homes. This piece has deep heartfelt special meaning.

Happy Summer.

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Now I Am Painting

It’s been a very busy few weeks. Getting ready for a glorious wedding party, family camp at the beach, managing two hoeseholds, walking, golfing and only once standing before a white canvas and pondering what to paint next.

The artist took a long break. The artist got married. The artist loves being with her husband. The artist is ready to mix and mingle paints on a canvas. Now I am painting.

The artist took her daughter-in-love birthday shopping. The artist spoiled her grandson. The artist played basketball ball with her son. The artist loves to be with her husband. Now I am painting.

Now I am painting literally means that the ideas are swirling, the paints are ready and the next post will be my next color palette and collection. Here are a few pieces where I left off in May.

Have a wonderful day. Mrs. Elizabeth Harris.

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Having Fun on TikTok


Not sure how I got there. Over 5K on TikTok. Come find me at @elizabethharrissss. In comments let me know you came over from my website.  Going to be doing more painting, more fun and everyday shares. Even more of my grandson Emmaus Love.

Emmaus Love

Actually I do know how I got there. Now here is a marketing reality, proving once again, that old-school, new-school and social apps all have the same thing in common. Tell your story. Be who you want to be,for yourself, your brand or your business. Show up daily for your people.

I don’t dance, sing, lipsinc, or take off my clothes. I am awkward holding a phone and talking into it. Yet now over 5K following.

I have managed clients, advised clients, even set up daily sharing schedules on social platforms for my clients. With a strategy, a plan and a schedule you can and will build your audience.

Each time a new social platform starts gaining traction I use myself as the a psuedo client to see how it works and how to build an audience. And the reality is always the same. Be as authentic you as you can be.

That’s all for today. Now hop on over to my sales page. http://www.elizabethtraub.com and check out some of my new stuff. And find me on TikTok.

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“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am about to step into alot of celebrations. The past weeks my art has been a finishing process of pieces started and finishing up.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am getting married in less than four weeks. I will begin signing my art as Elizabeth Harris. Let’s, “Celebrate” the benchmarks made in my art business. More importantly my relationship.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Let’s celebrate a job well done. Holding hands, long drives, dinners together, early morning chats. You can celebrate daily your smallest wins and joys.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I read a post on a new baby being born. Celebrate your children. Celebrate the old, the new and the day you are in. We do not have to over think to find something to celebrate.

“Celebrate” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Summer is almost here. Our kids are finishing another school year. Many graduating. And did I mention marriage. Let’s celebrate life every day.

With Love, Elizabeth.

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They Say It’s Easy

My days in the art studio start with coffee not an electronic device. Can you relate?

They Say It’s Easy If you sign up for thier class or follow thier blog or fill out a form or take these five steps or walk backwards or hang upside down and swing from a tree you will get sales. The reality is most people have their gifting. It’s that gifting they use to start their entrepreneurial adventures. Not everyone is a marketing and strategy consultant professional. Your career-based direction in NOT knowing how to write, create, click, follow, chat, make videos.. blah blah blah. You created your business based off your creative skill set, passions, ideas and love for what you are doing. Now, as a boutique company, brand, business or service you are forced to do all the above. If you don’t you will not make it in business. Or so you are told. If you are big business you have most likely have the funding on a line item for “Sales & Marketing” and you hire out all that day to day work.

I have recently started to learn how to use tick tock to gain a following and perhaps leverage some of my art business. What I have found is that the one thing that went viral was something my daughter had posted. I may have had a little flatulence. My daughter was recording and caught this indiscretion on video with everyone laughing. She then asked, “Please Mom let me post this on tiktok.” I did not care if you posted. It had over 250,000 views and multiple comments. I am far from anthing being viral and I was kind of mad that a beautiful piece of art was not viral worthy but a fart was. I look at the stories where people are dancing coordinated dances, singing, lipsyncing and I have none of those skills to promote my art. I’ve read the dialogues. I’ve gone to the classes. I even have over 60 pieces up on Waverly but who’s going to find 60 pieces of Elizabeth’s art on Waverly when there’s over 900,000 pieces of Art listed? How on earth in this day and age do you sell your product or service online with all these apps, millions of people on them and little ol’ you trying to find your way? They say it’s easy, but is it?

What are you communicating to your audience? They are your future customers.

I recently helped a young business entrepreneur build and set up her fashion boutique. A darling 21-year-old girl who has dreams of having her own fashion business. Those dreams are now her reality. She called on me to help her get things set up and going. From registering her business, choosing the name, opening a bank account and then buildin it. When people call me I am happy to help if I truly believe in them and their business idea. I could see in her what I saw in me when I was her age and started my first business. She asks questions. ALOT of questions. I knew that a young entrepreneur was in the making and I had the honor of working with her. She did the work I gave her. She came back to every meeting asked more questions as an entreprenuer over-achiever should. I worked with her the way I work with all my clients. I worked with her in building her brand. All the how to’s. I worked with her to teah her how to inventory and price. I worked with her in how to set up her systems and how to promote and how to market and then we built her website. I showed her how to manage it. And then she launched. The day she launched my work was complete. A few text messages here there with questions and off she goes. She’s selling her fashion forward clothes. Every day she’s posting fabulous videos, excelent content. She makes it looks easy. Most successful people make it look easy don’t they? melitajoyfasion.com Go and visit her website. Then once there buy something and follow her links. Behind the scenes there is much to do. She did it. Somedays asking me the same question five different ways for clarity. In my opionion and experience those are the ones on the road to success. Your social presence is important to your success. Make it count and this young gal makes it count with every post.

Success comes with time management, organization, strategic action, and daily pouring into all your social networks. It’s working everyday with a plan. Even if your plan is a bit scattered and in the moment, at least you showed up, right?

How many can relate to this trying to manage your own business? How many have tried to set up the systems? How many have tried to work the orders?How many are struggling to get the orders? How many have tried to manage it all? I know that I can do this for myself. I have taught, managed and built companies. The reality is getting yourself in the headspace of a skillset that is not your gifting. The headspace of setting up the same kind of systems of management that I’ve done for my clients. The same kind of systems of management in a flow that I taught this young girl to start her fashion business. Her success is the beginning of her launch. She just got schooled. It’s what you now do with the knowledge you have. This gal has taken her business the A++ level. That is not my doing. She is doing it. Thre may be days when it’s a C- or B+. You can take your business to that level, too.

It has been amazing over the years to see the companies that I have helped grow. Some companies hiring me to do all the work. Some companies hiring me to teach their teams how to set the plans of actions. In my referral base of clients it’s easy. I do not have to go onto social media and trumpet out there to get the client. Someone refered me. WOOHOO!!! I am talking about the boutique business who has to go on social media daily. Talking into a phone, recording and sharing. To be completely honest I am totally disorganized with my own business. My art business is all over the place. It’s a hobby business. Some days I rock it other days go by and I am like, “What art business.” If I have an opportunity to go work for 2 hours on my business or hang out with my son and go for a bike ride the bike ride wins not the art business.

I also have a fudge business. Let’s see brand & marketing business, fudge, and art. At the end of the day I love helping others build their business. I love my businesses and they keep me in the social space learning and growing. If you would like some help, some direction and assistance with how to build out yor daily flow. I would love to help. Those who, “Say It’s Easy” worked at it for many years. We all did not just wake up one day with a million dollars in our bank accounts. We had to work at it daily. We had to learn knew skills sets, new social platfroms, new business strategies, new everything.

And the one day it does get easy. Then, “They Say It’s Easy”.

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“The Intersection”

“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Today was one of those hard days of painting. Thinking, processing, quiet, music, coffee, water, and Gordon through the glass door, out another glass door that is our front outdoor area. It’s like we are together but removed by doors and glass because we can see each other and talk through this room. And even though I am having a hard day my day is brightened by his energy and joy. I keep painting out my thoughts, my prayers and my heart on situations that I have no control over. Situations that lead to hard choices being made. Standing at some kind of unknown cross road and asking the questions which way. No maps. No GPS just standing at, “The Intersection” of choices that will affect your life today.

"The Intersection" Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub
“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am carrying some heavy mama heart things. Between my kids and his kids we have eight to love and care for. Additoanally a beautiful daughter-in-love and grandson. Adult friendships that I cherish with each one. A listening ear when calls are made. Some days I have to step into my studio and do lots of praying and lots of thinking while I am painting. Today was one of those days. I tried to paint. And then I scrapped it. Which every artist knows is lots of wasted time and paint. Then I did a pour and with the colors loved it, then didn’t love it and scrapped it. More waisted paint. The color values were not stretching across the canvas as I had hoped. My painting energy connected to a dear one of my own. “The Intersection” of big decisions and here I am doing the same as I paint. Not really where to take my painting and my art this day.

Then I thought, pull some of your favorite colors and just make it happen. And this happened. And I love it. And this dear one pulled together favorite humans to come along side to help make those hard decisions. No longer at, “The Intersection” alone.

“The Intersection” named by Mark Caton

I could not come up with a name. I went to Facebook to ask my community. One person, Mark Caton, offered this name, “The Intersection”. There were many great names offered, but the minute I read his choice I knew this piece was going to be named. It’s always intersting to see what I come up with when my heart is heavy. Today my heart is heavy. The details are important. Today those details are poured out onto the canvas praying for my kids. Praying that God would be present in the process because at the end of the day. He truly knew this day. H knows the beginning, middle and end.

“The Intersection” Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Wherever you are in your story please know that God is with you. I truly know God’s presence in my own life in hard situations. Facing the realities presented and asking God that others would see HIM in me. Seeing God in the middle of pain. Seeing God in the middle of a hard chapter of our story. Today God showing up and giving me peace in praying knowing that we are going to see HIM because he knows, “The Intersection” of life you are facing.

You can purschase this piece is up for sale on my selling page. Add this to your gallery, home, or any space or place in your home.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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“Awaking” Art You Love

“Awaking” just might be Art You Love for a very long time. Hanging a piece of art becomes part of your design story for many years. I have a beautiful painting I bought in 2000. My kids know only this very large piece that has hung in our family room for years. I have moved a few times and that piece has follwed and been placed over the same sofa. It knows all our stories, conversations and events in these rooms.

“Awaking” can be placed above your sofa, a chest, buffet, or your bed. It’s one of those pieces that is subtle and brings an subdued element of design with a mature statement.

I was inspired to paint this after visiting with my son and his wife. They have a beautiful minimalistic home with natural wood tones, accents of black and sheer white. The most appropriate thing for me do was to paint a piece that would fit into the design so many have today.

I am always exploring opportunities to paint more to the styles of friends of family. The question I typically have for myself when visiting a home is, “What can I paint to put on their wall?” As I sit and listen to the conversations I am also envisioning what I might paint. Creating and painting in my head the colors, style and how to capture a piece to fit.

If you are interesred in purchasing Art You Love by Elizabeht Traub you can always start HERE which takes you to my purchase page. There you can see all the styles I have for sale. If you need a custome piece you can reach out to me and I would be happy to design and paint the piece that would work best in your spaces and places.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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Rainbow Story

“Rainbow Story” In Your Living Room

Everyone has a, “Rainbow Story”. Plain and simple as that. We see them most while driving on the freeway with wide open spaces after a heavy rain. Sometimes if we are really lucky we see a double rainbow and shout with glee, grab our phones and try to capture that unique and beautiful moment.

“Rainbow Story” Above Your Shelf

Every morning the sun shines into my bathroom. I have a rainbow welcoming me to a new day on the bathroom counter. A ray of sunshine hitting the elements of life and giving me this. Crazy that there is no artist but God himself giving me this rainbow.

My “Rainbow Story” starts every single morning.

My real, “Rainbow Story” began in the 70’s. It was peace signs and rainbows. Back in those days a rainbow represented God’s promise to never flood earth again. My Sunday school teacher told the story of, “Noah and the Ark”. The vibrant and bright colors were hummed to a song I also learned in Sunday school. It went like this.

“First there’s red and orangy too, then there’s yellow and green and blue. Last is purple and now you know all the colors of God’s rainbow.”

You never forget a song like that. The 70’s took me to the late 1970’s when I was apopted into a home with my OWN room. Being the middle of five kids I had never had my own room. Then my, “Rainbow Story” changed.

“Rainbow Story” Above Your Sofa

My, “Rainbow Story” was about decorating two twin beds as a teenager. With this bedding and an official, my own room, rainbow room. I was a church kid. The story of God’s promise was front and center growing up in the Pacific NW. Lots of rain and lots of rainbows.

My late 1970’s bedding.

Imagine two twin beds dressed in this darling rainbow bedding. Add in a rainbow pillow, a rainbow ring, a rainbow t-shirt. It was an era of color and design. There were not whispers of LGBTQ. Nothing of the sort. It was the start of my, “Rainbow Story” which was a new and safe home. My own bedroom. My new mom getting me the dream room I always wanted.

“Rainbow Story” In Your Favorite Space”

Then one day a select group coined the rainbow as part of their identity. In a Christian culture many of thought that our beautiful rainbow was hijacked by a culture that has fallen away from God. Yet if you really understood the Bible and Jesus you would know one important thing. Jesus loved people right where they are at. He showed up in the middle of the crowds, regardless of what story a perhaps had. Regardless of how they lived their lives. Jesus was right there loving people and offering a promise of hope and love.

“Rainbow Story” At Your Table.

My story of hope with a new family where I was safe. No longer afraid to go to sleep at night. Fearing a step-father who would come into your room and assualt you. A set of rainbow sheets was my story of hope. I grew up knowing Jesus. In the midst of crazy family abuse I was dreaming of a rainbow bedroom.

“Rainbow Story” Aboe Your Shelf

The beautiful story of a rainbow is something I am pretty sure we all have. We can all remember the last rainbow we saw in the sky. The rainbow representing a cultue, a Bible Story, a bedroom design, a drive on the freeway. We all have one. What is yours?

You can find “Rainbow Story” and all the Art You Love on my Art For Sale Tab.

Comment, share. Say hello. Let me know you, your thoughts and your, “Rainbow Story”.

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Scheffler For The Win

“Scheffler” for the win.

It’s was a “Master’s” golf weekend. I really wanted to paint a green jacket. The esteemed green jacket for the winner of the “Master’s Golf Tournement 2022”. On the first day of the Master’s PGA Tournament I was watching one of the players, Scottie Scheffler. He is one of the world’s best golfers. Although the outcome of the Master’s was far from being determined I decided on the first day of the 2022 Master’s that I would call my first painting of the day, “Sheffler”. Why not. I am inspired as Gordon and watch closely what the pro’s are doing. How they are holding their clubs. I had no idea that Scottie Scheffler would win, but on this first day of a golfer’s biggest tournement it seemed appropiate.

It turns out that Scottie Scheffler did in fact win the green jacket. It was an amazing tournament to watch. Golf is one of those slow and steady sports. The camera guys do a fantastic job of tracking the ball. Which I love because I can hardly keep an eye on my own ball.

I painted this piece with the amazing colors of the day. There are no greens or golf indications of this piece except for the name.

An added note is that I have discovered something interesting. I got a new perscription in my glasses. One that was about four years overdue. The reality is when your eyes are declining very slowly you have no idea how bad your eyes may be. Only to realize that many of my photo edits have a very slight blurr to them. As does this piece. Which will be fixed on all those pieces. Funny thing is you may not have noticed it had I not pointed it out. I certainly never noticed.

Getting back to this piece. I love color. I live in the Pacific Northwest and the muted tones of nature are big here in this part of the country. However when I visit galleries all over the United States I see vibrant colors in all the art galleries. If you want a wonderful pop of color then consider, “Scheffler for the win”.

You can click on the “Art For Sale” tab and find all the Art You Love by yours truly Elizabeth Traub. Soon to be Elizabeth Harris.

Playing golf

Seemed appropriate to end this post with a golf selfie.

Share, comment and let me know you stopped by.

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Name Change Coming

You may have noticed some changes around this website. In June I will be married and become Mrs. Elizabeth Harris. So it is only appropiate to change this website after 14 years. I will start signing my art as “Elizabeth Harris”. Eventually I will change the actual website address. For now just updating my information within the platform.

Mr. & Mrs. Harris

It’s an easy transition to make. It may confuse a few people. The reality is that most of my sharing links to my viewers on other platforms which link back to this website regardlesss of the name. Which brings me to a very important detail in managing an art business or any business.

Are you sharing your art, service or product? Are you linking back to YOUR website, your information, your artworkj, service or product? That is how people are going to find you. Maybe you are selling on several platforms. I know I am. I have my own selling site here. I am also on Wayfair and Etsy. Where you choose to send someone to buy your products is important.

Where do you ultimately want your customer’s to land? Make that your sharing link on all your social platforms. A name change is a small detail in the big picture. (Pun intended). The bigger picture is where I am sending my potential buyers.

Mrs. Elizabeth Harris is a lovely name. If you see this name now floating around my website. NOW YOU KNOW!!!

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Keep At It

I’m not going to candy coat the emotions that I have experienced over the last three weeks. It is been hard.  It has been challenging. It has been a barrage of emotions colliding with absolute pure excitement as I work on selling my art with a national brand. Until I have it up and running I won’t disclose the name of the company.  It’s a whole new level of experience that I’ve personally never experienced.

I took a break, played some golf and these guys flew in.

I have taken breaks from working and sitting at my computer workingto learn the system.   Each break resulted in painting like crazy. Crazy wild painting to ease my process. Trying to ease the level of anxiety in this new project.

“Crazy Wild Painting”

The picture above is my drop cloth. Maybe a mess. Maybe a beautiful abstract painting.

I have wanted to give up, quit and think this is not worth the trouble. Trouble equals my learning curve.  The reality is for the last 10 months I have went through all the trouble to get here and now that I’m here I’m facing another huge mountain.

Ever feel like you want to give up? I felt that way last november. I had decided last spring that I wanted to have a goal of  painting and being a supplier to larger box store and online markets. It seemed unrealistic but as I walk through department stores and design stores I would see their stock pictures and think, ” Wow I can do better than that.”  Given my interior design background and my flare for color and trending colors I decided that would be my goal. And to work I went learning another side to a retail industry I grew up in and love.

Not yet named but working out stress by painting and painting.

Last February I read an article about how successful painters will paint over 150 pieces a year.   I got to work. Two art studios. Fully supplied with everything to have success in painting. I have in my stock house over 200 pieces that are ready to go when it’s go time.

I submitted applications, knocked on doors and virtually got nothing in return. All doubts have tried to rob my soul of creativity and confidence,  I read something that was on Zig Ziglar’s Facebook page.  It went something like this, ” Don’t give up today because tomorrow might be the day that things change everything.” After having read that and going through the emotions of wanting to give up I decided  to take one day at a time. Daily thanking God for today.  Do the work each day. Thanking God daily for Gordon, my family, my friends who encourage me. Then I’m going to take the next day and repeat.  One day at a time.

Not yet named. Another piece finished as I work out the challenges.

One afternoon I opened my email up with an invitation to become part of this national retail organization.  I about flipped over backwards in my chair. I read, reread, and read the email countless times. Then I looked up every detail the email provided to make sure it was not a fake. It was real as the next day was followed by countless emails to get started.

A few days later another opportunity presented itself, another big company interested in my art.  Within 3 days I had more adrenaline pumping through my veins that I could have imagined. What next? Where do I start? I had all my ducks in a row. I am ready. The hard work was behind me…so I thought.

As with any goal we might have there’s going to be a hill to climb and then you might get to the what you think is the top and then you walk another mile and there’s another big hill and that is where I am today.

Not yet named. Another stress induced painting.

I get to the top of what I think is a plateau, take a pause, journal, thank God, pray and then I paint some more and then I get back at it. Working through the next hill which is really a mountain which is really a universe in my book of realities to face and climb through my learning curve.

This unnamed piece is a favorite.

When I attended the Art Institute of Seattle there was this project that we were given in my painting class. Itt was to scribble on a page without lifting your pen and then paint it using only five colors. Then there was another project which was to freehand sharp corners and edges and then paint using only two colors.

Art Institute Project One.

When I felt overwhelmed while in art school I would always go back to this little exercise and I kind of felt like it was the elementary school’s version of paint by number except there were no numbers.

Art Institute Project Two

Guess who brought back this exercise after almost 35 years I sat down yesterday I made the squiggle lines, I chose my colors. I made the sharp lines and I chose my colors. I knocked it out. This exercise brought such peace and calm. I think the reason is is because it was a start and a finish in one day.

My favorite stress working out painting.

I am truly blessed in this journey to have this opportunity. I know I will learn the things I don’t know. I am teachable. This process is challenging. If you are in the beginning of your goals keep at. If you are in the middle keep at it. If you have arrived make new goals and keep at it.

Not yet named

As you can see it’s been a stressful week based on the number of pieces produced this week. I will keep at it.

Have a wonderful week. Elizabeth

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