etc For Hire to SpotLight YOUR Business

Running an online campaign takes more than just plug-ins, analytics, dial turning and button pushing. It takes real time, real thoughts, and real opinions on your products and services. It takes having a person with the right kind of audience to help tell your story. Sometimes your company needs a boost and etc wants to Spotlight Your Business.

Elizabeth, Scott & Emily have this keen sense of knowing just how to share your information in a caring and strategic way, reaching the right audience to support your campaign, business and profile.   We are regular people enjoying enjoying life. Often we come across business’s we love, through our own experiences.  We are tech savvy, in how we take pictures and write about our experiences with your products.  A bonus to those whom business’s wehas frequented.  That being said,etc (elizabethtraubconsutling) is also hired out to write about the experiences we have had with a product or service. As a team our level of influence has soured in the past six years in this online space. Together we personality in engaging which transfers easily into the online spaces and places you have your business. Working daily in this space on behalf of our clients, Elizabeth, Scott & Emily loves to step away to write and share stories  the brands we experiences outside of our client load.

Price structure. We do not post this. Why? So glad that you asked.  Each business varies on the degree of work in communicating your message. If you are hotel, for example I am certain that etc would trade travel for a well written piece of promotional fun. Right down to the linens , the service, and the greeters at your front door. Fee is discussed at the time of initial consultations and the experience and depth of your product or service.  We are up front in how we can serve you with the budget you have. At that time we discuss how best to write, promote, and share your story.  Following by a contract and fee evaluations.

Use our contact page if you are interested in having the etc team Spotlight Your Business. Take a moment to look in on the conversations of @elizabethtraub@ScottCone and @emilytheott on Twitter.


I am interested to hear your thoughts, so leave some.

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