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Running an online campaign takes more than just plug-ins, analytics, dial turning and button pushing. It takes real time, real thoughts, and real strategic and creative ideas to promote your products and services. It takes having a team with the right kind of audience to help tell your story. Sometimes your company needs a boost and etc wants to Spotlight Your Business.

Elizabeth & Emily have this keen sense of knowing just how to share your information in an intentional and strategic way. We know how to reach the right audience to support your campaign, business and profile. Not only are we tech savvy but we are able to quickly discern the culture and needs of your company through your current online presence.

If you are reading this, then you are ready to take the next step in building out the message of your marketing. We would love to come alongside and Spotlight Your Business.

As a team our level of influence has soured on our social platforms expanding your reach through our social networks. We help you by using our own social networks to give you an expanded reach outside of your networks.

Together we put personality into strategic, purpose driven and engaging connections which transfers easily into the online spaces and places you have your business. Working daily in this space on behalf of our clients, Elizabeth & Emily know how to keep your messaging consistent with your brand all while engaging in ways to build the important relationships you need to grow your business.

Price structure? We do not have a one size fits all cookie cutter approach. Fee is discussed at the time of initial consultations and the experience and depth of your product or service. We are up front in how we can serve you with the budget you have. We work closely & timely with you. We discuss how best to write, promote, and share your story. Followed by a contract and fee evaluations.

Use our contact page if you are interested in having the etc team Spotlight Your Business. Take a moment to look in on the conversations of @elizabethtraub and @emilytheott on Twitter.

I am interested to hear your thoughts, so leave some.

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