Heal Your Heart

Painting this while thinking of someone precious to my heart.

What are you doing to, “Heal Your Heart?” We have to allow ourselves to feel all the emotions of the harder circumstances we may be in. If we don’t and we keep bearing that pain then those circumstances begin to present themselves in our bodies. Like a foreign object or splinter that doesn’t come out and keeps swelling and creating pain. Bricks of pain weighing us down.

Pretty soon the pain becomes our normal and we forget what it feels like to be unencumbered by that pain. We live, now, shackled by pain. Is that what you want?

Let’s face it there ARE some things we cannot gab about with our friends or with our family. We choosee to carry it alone. If that is the case then start doing something to release that pain. Find a mentor, a wellness coach. Call me. I will listen and help with ideas.

There are three things that I love to do to work out some of the pains in my life. Just the other day I shared the intimacies of some pains from my past. The person looked at my face. I mean really looked at me. And said, “What practices or modalites do you go to? Your face carries no pain, no stress, no wrinkles.” I told him, “One is to dance, the second is to journal and the third is to paint.”

When my children were young and the energies were colliding I could put on Poveratti and together we would dance. And in those moments a physical release.

I have been journaling since I was 14 years old. A collection of writing to God. Writing out scripture when I have no words. Crying out to God in my darkest of days. Celebrating, through writing some of my greatest life events.

Painting, painting, and more painting. I will never forget when I was 15 years old and my mom brought home a desk for my bedroom. A 2nd desk, as I already had one. I guess I complained enough that I always had to clean up my art projects to do homework. Bless my mother’s soul. She bought me a darling writing style desk to keep all of my art and paint and craft and cutting and gluing and creating all in one place. From that day on as long as I lived at home I did not have to clean up my mess.

Sometimes painting on whatever holds paint.

That is how I process the circumstances in my life. And in that process there always seems to be some profound awakening that comes out in my dancing, in my writing and in my painting. There is this endorphin release as if I had just run 10 to 15 miles. I know that release. I used to be a runner. Believe me when I tell you there is no difference between the physical energy release and the emotional release.

When my children were young it was important to me to learn and understand what they were uniquely passionate about. Why was this important? It was important because every day, on most days, for about an hour they were each sent to a quiet place in the house. They learned, as young toddlers, to take that time to be quiet. To be away from the noise. To be away from each other. To have a break and to learn how to center themselves. Doing what they love they would get lost in their own thoughtful process.

Emily taking her time to music.

Music was her heart. (And still is). Off into another room Emily and her brother Elliot writing, playing instruments.

I have one child that is deaf. He loved to look at catalogs with musical instruments. He had two older siblings who were musical and although he could not hear he was always at the very front of the audience to watch.

What are you doing to manage, care and heal your heart?

If you are in a process of walking through the dark dense woods. Please allow me to come along and carry that load with you. Let’s find your God given gifts to release it all.

May your heart, soul and mind find peace.

Elizabeth Traub. Text me: 503-686-1109.

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How To Share Without Gimmicks (Part 1)

How many times do you see a “Sponsored Ad” that had a catching tagline and promised something that turned out not be what was expected?

Gimmicky ads are often filled with empty promises and a bait & switch or the, “sign up for free” to learn more. Which is code for harvesting your email and more gimmicky ads several times a day in your in-box.

The question is, “How To Share Without Gimmicks”. Here is where you can start.

Cut out the guess work.

Gimmicks confuse. And if you are smart enough to dissect an ad or the marketing communications you soon realize all is not as it is. Then you feel robbed of your time and efforts trying to figure out what you just got into.

I recently joined a artist directed, “Master’s Class.” I was super excited. I did have a healthy caution and reservations as it was, “FREE”. The leader paid for a Sponsored Ad to gain his audience. He asked the question in a group what some of the biggest obstacles artists are facing. I thought, great this person really want to understand his audience. Nope I was wrong.

The first class was all about his success. The thousands of dollars he made and the programs he had that worked. Daily multiple emails coming into my in-box asking what level of his package you wanted to buy.

Be clear and direct with your audience. Try practicing one sentence that tells your story and clearly speaks to your customer and your call to action. What do you want your customer to do? Tell them what you are asking and make it easy for them to respond.

I recently started using a new hashtag on my social shares that promote going to my online gallery to shop. “LetsBuyArt”. I am asking my audience to buy my art. Direct, no Gimmicks and the traction to my website are the curious, the interested, and hopefully the art lovers of the world.

There is competition in every industry. Everyone is trying to define themselves in exciting and innovative ways. Every week I will be sharing, “How To Share Without Gimmicks.

This week’s challenge

Be clear and direct with your audience. Try practicing one sentence that tells your story and clearly speaks to your customer and your call to action. What do you want your customer to do? Tell them what you are asking and make it easy for them to respond.

Find me in your social media platforms and tag me. I would love to share your business.

Find me on IG @elizonthego @artyoulove_

Find me on Twitter @elizabethtraub @artyoulove_ @letsbuyart

Find me on Facebook elizabethtraubconsulting

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Crazy, Fun & Exciting

It’s, “Crazy, Fun, & Exciting” to think about how I set out to become my own client. I turned a brand & marketing website into an art gallery. It was not easy, but this place is starting to look like a real designer art gallery.

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

It was less than four months ago this website spent the past ten years as my business branding and development site.

“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

You can find years of blogging on the thoughts and ideas on branding, marketing, social media and all things to do with business. Now an online art gallery? Really? You are here. You are reading. It really happened.

“Walking Tree in the Fall” by Elizabeth Traub

I am still working on a referral basis with my work in helping build and grow business, products and people in the efforts of marketing. The truth is very few of my clients found me through my business website. I never really took my website serious unless I had a story to tell. I enjoyed playing on it, writing but my work was away from my own website.

“Tell Me Something” by Elizabeth Traub

When you are referred by a client they do the talking for you which lead to new business. I am grateful and thankful for that. But now TA-DA an online art gallery which requires me to be in this website daily working myself silly.

“Blue Thoughts” by Elizabeth Traub

When I starting thinking of my art business I jumped in, rewrote, revamped and rebuilt this website to actually gain a following, customers and sales. After all that is what I have been doing for years for other people. I told myself, “Elizabeth your are my 80k client. Give her your best.”

It has been a long few months of being both the artist and the marketing team. Here I am and truly it’s, “Crazy, Fun & Exciting” to begin to see the fruits of my labors. I am self-funding this business venture. Thus I am carrying all the workings in and around the creative design, artful ideas and business savvy.

“Sweet Conditions” by Elizabeth Traub

I wish I could hand hold every artist that has reached out to me asking for help, asking all the questions on how to market and brand their business. Oh boy. If only they had the time I have been blessed to have. Hours a day.

“Franny” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Very few people see the hours behind the scenes. Some days 12 hours. I get this and understand this having worked in marketing. Yes it does come easier when you know the steps, the time, and have ideaphoria off the charts.

“Return To Color”

Yes, “Crazy, Fun & Exciting”

Join me, follow along and let’s have fun. I am still passing along marketing tips through this blog. Sharing ideas on art and whatever comes to my mind. Come back often and read. Share some ideas and thought, too.


All Art You Love can be ordered  framed, unframed or a custom size in a beautiful

Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

You may call me 503-686-1109 or email me elizabethtraubconsulting@gmail.com



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Who Is The Artist?

Who is the artist? I am.  Elizabeth Traub. You can #follow me @elizonthego & @ArtYouLove_on IG. I get so busy sharing my art I need to remember to introduce myself.

Mom of 5. #interiordesigner #brand & #marketingstrategy and #painter.


I have been painting #canvas, furniture and murals for over 25 years. And now making my #art my main squeeze. As in squeezing the paint from the tube onto my canvas.


Are you an #artgallery owner? I have a pricing structure exclusivity and promotion for your #artgallery.


Are you a #designer curating art for your clients. I would love to design and paint the perfect piece.


#Decorating or #redecorating? Art tells the story of your home.

“Walking Tree In The Fall”

Office space needing a re-do? Stunning pieces in my online gallery.

“Gordon Allen”

Call 503-686-1109
Email: elizabethtraubconsulting@gmail.com


#canvas #abstractart #contemporaryart #vacationhome #HomeDesign #homeoffice #homeofficedecor

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“Crossing Pink & Blue”

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

“Crossing Pink & Blue” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub. This is the beginning of a series. This is my first try. Out the gate as they say. As an interior designer, somewhat retired one I might add, I love to keep up with the latest trends. The trends in color, design, and architecture. I am old enough to now see old timeless traditions in home interiors stay the course. However the that course changes with colorways that have long since been shelves.

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

I am seeing the fashions I wore in the 70’s come back to life. I am seeing the young women carrying handbags from my past. My sweet and lovely daughter-in-love carries a beautiful handbag I had in the early 1990’s. Mid-Century furniture and design fill all the designer apps.

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

In the “Crossing” series I will be pulling colors that are the hottest for 2021. I started with the pink and blue hues. Perhaps overstating them just a bit. I have visited furniture showrooms and see so much of the same colors for 2021 are flooding all design elements.

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

I am always trying and painting new colorways and having fun. If you are an artist and stuck in the middle of, “what is next” try to create your perfect commissioned client by visiting furniture showrooms. Ask yourself if this were you client’s room what might you paint. Then go home and create. There are many things that inspire artists. Often we get stuck my our mixed emotions, our blank inspirations yet we still want to paint. Paint something.

“Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub

I heard when I was a teenager that the best way to become a writer is to write everyday. I was 14 years old and started my first journal. I now have over 37 journals. Yikes that is a lot, but it got me writing. I also read an article, which I cannot find, but it basically said if an artist can paint 52 pieces a year, they refine their skills and by their second year will sell 20% of their art.

I love how this piece fits into each different room perspective. “Crossing Pink & Blue” by Elizabeth Traub is truly Art You Love. If you are interested in this piece and it’s not yet listed on our buying site you can contact me.


All Art You Love can be ordered  framed or unframed in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

You may call me 503-686-1109 or email me elizabethtraubconsulting@gmail.com



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“Anna B”

"Anna B" by Elizabeth Traub
“Anna B” by Elizabeth Traub

“Anna B” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub. Anna B is a real person. A young beautiful and gifted artist. Anna B came to my home to assist with a kids craft camp. One of the crafts is painting.

Anna B teaching a young student art technique without a paint brush.

I was teaching Anna a different technique. I was so excited to have her in my home and learning more about her techniques as an artist. A later blog will highlight her personally and her art, but for this post I am sharing this piece.

"Anna B" by Elizabeth Traub
“Anna B” by Elizabeth Traub

What the finished piece started as is very different as a finished piece. I was showing her how I bring together colors, using straws to blow, swipes with popsicle sticks, and more with a pallet knife, and no brush strokes. I thought this technique would be easiest for kids age 4-14 and eliminate brushes, water, and a bigger mess.

Teaching art is my greatest joy.

Each child was given a cookies sheet. On the cookie sheet was an 8×10 canvas, straws, plastic forks and popsicle sticks. It is a testament to the gifts that God gives us. We are artists. How we see color and how we imagine the color and how we bring colors together in our own creative ways.

Little squeezy bottles of paints.
No matter what age, the kids took their creative spirits to the canvas. Anna B. there to assist, direct and help.

Now back to to this piece. After showing Anna B. some” of my techniques we could teach the kids on the canvas. I came home after a very long and exhausting day and went right into my studio to decompress. I love teaching art camps but a lot of kids, lots of activities and I needed something quiet to bring me back to balance. I finished this piece which started out as a sampling for a beautiful artist named, “Anna B”.

"Anna B" by Elizabeth Traub
“Anna B” by Elizabeth Traub


All Art You Love can be ordered  framed or unframed in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

You may call me 503-686-1109 or email me elizabethtraubconsulting@gmail.com


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“Her City”

There is a moment just before the sun sets and all the city buildings have this pink hue mirrored on the windows. It’s magnificent. And for that moment it is, “Her City”.

"Her City" by Elizabeth Traub
“Her City” by Elizabeth Traub

Have you ever stood in the city streets just before the sun is setting? With the bright beams casting hues of sunshine on the windows. Suddenly for a very brief moment all the glass windows have this pink hue to them. The blue sky, maybe some clouds, and the world seems at peace as the sun casts the colors onto the glass.

"Her City" by Elizabeth Traub
“Her City” by Elizabeth Traub

Seattle has the reflection of the sun setting off of Elliot Bay. Portland, OR has the beautiful water front. New York City has endless blocks of tall buildings. In each of these cities I have stood watching the sun cast those pinkish hues onto the buildings and mirroring what might just be one spectacular painting.

"Her City" by Elizabeth Traub
“Her City” by Elizabeth Traub

I tried to imagine what an abstract effect might look like when starting this painting. The inspiration of the sun setting in the city is more than I could imagine but trying is what paint allows me to do. I can try, scrap it, try again and scrap it again. In this case there was no scrapping. Just thoughtful brush strokes and thinking of all the wonderful experiences I have enjoyed in the city.

"Her City" by Elizabeth Traub
“Her City” by Elizabeth Traub

I love how both dramatic and sweet this piece feels to me. After all it is, “Her City”. She wanders as a little girl picking the gum of the subway railings. She dances in and out of stores with her mother in her dress and gloves. I was born in the city. My first grown up move, at the age of 19, was to move into the city. Maybe, “Her City” is my city.

"Her City" by Elizabeth Traub
“Her City” by Elizabeth Traub

Ahh the delight and joy of painting a piece that brings me back to my own enjoyment in the city when the sun sets.

"Her City" by Elizabeth Traub
“Her City” by Elizabeth Traub

All Art You Love can be ordered  framed or unframed in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print.

You may call me 503-686-1109 or email me elizabethtraubconsulting@gmail.com

Commissioned Pieces are available. Wholesale accounts available for retailers

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"Serendipitous" by Elizabeth Traub
“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

There is this moment in time when you have finished a piece of art. No matter what medium you are using, you stand back, you make yourself put the brush down, the paint dries and you just know that it is as it should be. Sometimes I ruin a piece that absolutely moves my soul by simply adding a little more of this or that. Not the case with, “Serendipitous”.

"Serendipitous" by Elizabeth Traub
“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

I stared at this piece for about four weeks. My hands wanted to paint and add more to this piece. Today I decided to bake. I am NOT a baker. Just ask my kids. I can cook a meal better than most but baking not so much. I made banana muffins and forget to put the oil in. They had a rubbery texture. Then I decided to bake a Blueberry Buckle. I cannot say I have ever even thought those words let alone bake this. I found a recipe. After the muffin fail I thought I was warmed up. Nope that was a fail, too. Because again, I forgot to put the oil in.

"Serendipitous" by Elizabeth Traub
“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

As I thought of this piece of art I landed on the fact that I loved it as it is. Two failed baking attempts and I looked at this piece and could not figure out what to name it. Naming is always the hardest part for me.

"Serendipitous" by Elizabeth Traub
“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

My daughter called this afternoon. She was sharing some exciting news from the day. Chit-chatting away she mentioned her aunt’s, “Blueberry Buckle”. I laughed at the sound of those two words rolling off her tongue. I said, “How serendipitous that you would tell me this as I just made my first blueberry buckle”. To which she laughed as she knows well that her mother does not bake. As we giggled over this I then new the name of this piece. In writing this it really should be named, “Blueberry Buckle” but then I would expect to be looking at beautiful painted blueberries.

"Serendipitous" by Elizabeth Traub
“Serendipitous” by Elizabeth Traub

“Serendipitous” is a piece that I actually get lost in. It was a bigger challenge than I expected as I wanted to blend some colors that do not always go together. I was inspired to paint this piece after visiting a home interiors showroom. I kind of made the room display my client. Asking myself could I paint with colors that would bring this room together. I want to be able to paint custom pieces for showrooms and rather waiting for the first opportunity I am creating the challenges and experience ahead of time. One thing I love is finding rooms to drop the art pieces in so everyone can see all the ways in which art improves the look of your room.

“Serendipitous” can be customer sized, framed or unframed in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

You can call me 503-686-1109 or email me: elizaethtraubconsulting@gmail.com

Commissioned Pieces are available.

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Cold Calling

“Sweet Conditions” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I went into three businesses to talk about my art. When you have a showroom and someone decided to get into their car and come to your store it is easy to sell and talk about what you are selling. They are coming to me. I just have to make sure I am advertising and putting out inviting interest to draw people in.

When you are walking in town and wander into a few design stores, knowing what to ask, who to ask for and talk about your art with the few seconds you are given. Now that is freaking hard, “Cold Calling”. I did that today.

I realized that my ears do not hear no. The first person said they were not buying or interested. I asked about the displays, ( my designer savvy stepped in) I discussed price points and that I could produce art for their room displays. I was then asked to show my website with pieces I thought would work in their showroom(s). Needless to say I left that store with all the information I needed. Who their buyer is, the best time to reach out to them and all the contact information. Plus that they have three locations, like to support local artists, and feeling about a foot taller.

I admit I was a little scared, and a big pit in my stomach. Then another block down another shop to stop into. Again all the information provided to follow up. And finally a gallery which was really informative. The reception and response was so positive. I was so excited I was inspired to paint this piece. I am calling it, “Sweet Conditions” and in another blog will go into more detail and how this day of, “Cold Calling” inspired me.

If you are a “cold callling ” expert feel free to add in your tips and ideas. Happy, “Cold Calling” my friends.

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Pleasant Valley

“Pleasant Valley” by Elizabeth Traub

There is a road called ” Pleasant Valley” that many walks and talks have taken place with my children and by myself. Talks with my daughter, talks with my boys and talks with God.

“Pleasant Valley” by Elizabeth Traub

I painted this late one night. Wishing it was daylight and I could just take a long walk along Pleasant Valley Road. “PVR” as we referred to it. When I needed to be outside in the fresh country air I gathered my children. We would walk along a beautiful horse farm. The road allowed the young boys to run ahead. My daughter would open up the intimacies of her heart. An outward process in her young teenage life. This next picture is from PVR.

Pleasant Valley Road

It’s where you work out life. Talking to God because there are some things one must process and work out alone. In the wee hours painting and longing for this walk on Pleasant Valley Rd. I took to painting.

“Pleasant Valley” by Elizabeth Traub

Painting and talking to God. I am in a bit of a valley. And talking it out with God I come away with a calm and a peace. Much like those countless walks on PVR.

Which is precisely why I named this piece, “Pleasant Valley” and truly feel God’s presence, His peace and calm. Lovely and pleasant thoughts in this valley. May you find peace in your day.

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“Adaptable Collection” by Elizabeth Traub

“Adaptable Collection ‘ by Elizabeth Traub

This past week was hard. Really hard. Two things I do when life is hard. I walk and I paint. In the middle of a crazy and hard week I played with these colors, painted a lot and walked every day. Creating “Adaptable Collection” eased me through the week

Things sometimes are happening on their own and you happen to be in the middle of it all. Unexpected, not in the plan and only one thing I can be is, adaptable.

It was like spinning on a merry-go-round. And just watching one makes me dizzy. This piece is my interpretation of trying to adapt while spinning. “Adaptable & Spinning”

“Adaptable & Spinning” is Art You Love
by Elizabeth Traub

Notice this piece is a bit more balanced. Still spinning but not as intense. I even wrote a note to myself to lighten-up.

“Adaptable & “Balancing Out” is Art You Love

by Elizabeth Traub

Pink, buttery cream and black. I love how this turned out. When things get hard and I can adapt it seems like every thing is easier. “Adaptable & Easy” even when it feels hard.

“Adaptable & Easy” by Elizabeth Traub

“Adaptable & Moving Forward” is the final piece in this week long collection. This was a fun piece. Up late and making fudge. And adding a little color here and there.

“Adaptable & Moving Forward”
by Elizabeth Traub

Now a new week. Shaking off last week and looking forward to what unfolds.

#ArtYouLove by Elizabeth Traub

Have a wonderful start to your week. Look for the “Adaptable Collection” to purchase up on my website this week.

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Sunburst in Color Yellow

“Sunburst In Color Yellow” by Elizabeth Traub

“Sunburst In Color Yellow” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

When I attended the Seattle Art Institute I was required, as part of my program, to take a painting class. It started out well. Painting color pallets, learning about colors gradation, tertiary colors and how to use brush and paints. It them moved onto advertising and colors used in marketing. We had a project to pull and add from a magazine and duplicate the colors pallet. I got a solid “A” on this project.

Straight out of my art binder from 1986. Advertising and color coding.

Then the first real painting project was given. We had three weeks to meet the required specifications. We then placed our canvases at the front of the class to be critiqued. All the paintings lined up. Straight strokes of the brush. Beautiful pieces and then mine. Mine looked like a four year old painting it. My brain could not duplicate or meet the specifications. It was there in front the class I was told I should never paint again. He was right. I should not paint the style in which he presented. I won two art contests in grade school with painting. I kept painting.

I painted this sunflower. I asked myself if I “blurred my eyes” what do I see. It was this same teacher that would tell you to blur your eyes and blink your eyes quickly. This is what your client will see. (My program was Advertising & Graphic Design) What I see is a beautiful sunflower. I love this piece the most as it is the closest to looking like something familiar I have ever painted. I have painted for clients for years. Kids are easy. Painting a fire engine is straight lines and boxes. Painting murals with loose visuals, how can you go wrong. This piece is more like splashed on the paint, mixed it up, let it dry and added in more, covered up mistakes, brush stokes, the end of the brush strokes and tonight this piece was finished. I love it. This piece I would put in my kitchen, my bathroom or a little nook area. I edited into rooms for a better look and wowsers bowsers I love this.

Stay tuned as I used some mix media with this piece and created a series of beautiful abstract sunflowers.

This piece can be ordered in custom sizes in a beautiful Gallery Wrapped Print.

You can call or text me.

503-686-1109 elizabethtraubconsulting@gmail.com

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American Style

“American Style” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am an American. I started my life in Central Philadelphia, PA. My mother was a single mom working full-time. We had a black nanny named Miss Elizabeth. My thoughts of her holding me tight when I was scared, dancing me and scar on the center of my forehead she accidentally gave me. Marked for life as she danced with a sharp object and a four year old girl who started her.

“American Style” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

My two best friends were Buster & Rabbit. Two black boys. We were all Americans living our lifestyles. Learning how to be kind, sharing our tricycles, Sharing a soda and turning on the fire hydrant on a hot summer day. Our, “American Style” in a poor neighborhood holding some of my happiest memories.

“American Style” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

My mother was kind to everyone. She would sit on the stairs of our row house chatting with whoever’s passed by. The old neighbor lady had all the kids for banana pancakes. There we sat gathered in her dining room with all the glass figurines. This was our, “American Style”.

“American Style” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

I am proud to be an American. This piece I painted in honor of my “American Style” and heritage.

God bless America

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Explosive Love

“Explosive Love” Is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

“Explosive Love” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub. When I was thinking of name for my art business I was like every young entrepreneur excited about a new business venture. “Art You Love” is something we have all experienced at one time or another. If it’s not art that makes your heart explode with love maybe it’s your lover, your children, your heart on matters that are important to you.

Wonderful pop of color “Explosive Love” by Elizabeth Traub

I love color. Painting has been a passion for me my entire life. Raising a family, running a business and doing the last 30 years of life had me painting furniture pieces late at night during a Lifetime movie. It had me painting in the backroom of my store when I needed a break, alone time, or just needed to work out something in my head. My five kids will always remember the dining room table covered in paints and they could join in.

When I started my first business. I was selling hairbows I made door to door. My heart was exploding with the love of the idea, the love of the process of learning how to sell, the love of knocking on a door and the anticipation of that next sale. I was giddy and excited. My heart exploded with each day making hair bows while my children played. I loved it.

As I finished up this piece I had my first 5 sales and my heart was exploding. “Oh my goodness I am doing this!” were my thoughts. And more layers of paint added because I could not stop adding colors because my heart was, “Exploding Love” all over the canvas.

When you look at this piece. Ask yourself how your heart feels, towards your people, your job, your process for accomplishing something big or small. I hope you have that, “Exploding Love” feeling. Because even it’s it’s for a moment it fuels your heart. Be fueled today with, “Explosive Love”.

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Middle of the Night Success

It’s almost 2am I am feeling a little giddy with my middle of the night success. . I went to bed around 10:00pm and could not sleep. I do my best to stop working on my business on the weekends. I do my best to treat, “Art You Love” like a daily 3-5 hour daily shop. Last week it was taking up to 10 hours a day to find all the little nuances of making this website work the way I want it to work. In years past, as a Brand and Marketing Designer and Consultant I could pencil out what I wanted for my clients, design it all on paper then tell the web guy, “This is exactly what I want.” And he would do it. And it would cost ALOT of cash-o-lalala.

“Stoned” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

My clients new the cost for fame and fortune. I know the cost of fame and fortune. Tonight’s hair pulling, eyes blurry fame and fortune were finding that one click to remove a menu I had no idea existed. Tonight’s click was finding that one box to check. I could not sleep because I closed things up on Friday knowing there were problems to fix. I did not want to start my Monday with problems to fix. And here and now at this wee morning hour of Monday I found the boxes. I fixed it all. And I want to click a glass and celebrate with someone. Everyone is sleeping. I will just write about it here. Talk about it here.

“Hortina” by Elizabeth Traub

What do people do who do not have the money or skill set to build and design a boutique website? I learned many years ago that I could better serve my clients if I learned how to build the website. I knew all the design skills. I learned the technical skills that helped me keep their information safe and accessible. There are many a nightmare stories where the web guy ran off and never gave clients access back into their websites for updated and changes.

“Jack” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub

Well here I am. Managing my own business website, pulling my hair out and finding GREAT success in two little clicks that forced me to go page to page find. I will crawl back in bed. Sleep hard and sleep well. No web guy to wait on. Just time and a few hours of lost sleep. Cheers to my middle of the night success.

The images shard in this post have nothing to do with the post. They have everything to do with being creative enough to think, at 2am, to insert some colors of interest to keep us all awake. Night Night With Love, Elizabeth Traub

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