LizzyJo Fudge

Remember gathering around the kitchen counters of your childhood and making fudge? The reality is that I do not have that memory. That does not mean you cannot have the nostalgic chocolaty smooth taste of fudge.

One after noon in June 2020 I came across a cookbook and found this recipe for fudge. I realized I had never made fudge. Fifty-Four years of life, five kids all grown and this woman never made fudge.

I took that recipe, called on my boyfriend to go and collect the ingredients and that evening the most delicious fudge hit my pallet. My biggest critic, the boyfriend, kept eating it. My kids kept eating it, and friends and family cheered me on to make more.

Using organic natural ingredients. Hand stirring and taking the time to taste test each batch to meet the most critical pallets. YOU will love giving fudge as a gift, ordering for your next event and serving you, your families and your best people. Everyone deserves delicious home made sweets and treats.

The name, “LIZZYJO” is funny story. Through my dating life suitors always wanted to call me, “Lizzy”. Which I admit is endearing, but I always asked that I NOT be called that as I always wanted it to be a name for something special. Many years ago I made a new girlfriend and she called me Lizzy and I loved it and she is the only one who calls me that. My middle name is, Jo”. and together I thought my favorite nickname combined with my middle name and it looked good in print. There you go. The name, “LIZZYJO FUDGE”.

If you would like to order you can do the following…

VENMO @Elizabeth-Traub directly and in the MEMO write which of the following you would like or use the contact form below to get started. This ordering system will be refined as LIZZYJO FUDGE grows.

If ordering 27 ounces or more of combined order there is free shipping.

9 ounces of creamy hand-stirred Chocolate fudge $11.50 + $2.50 S&H

9 ounces of creamy hand-stirred Chocolate/Peanut-Butter fudge $14.00+$2.50 S&H

9 ounces of creamy hand-stirred Sea Salt & Rosemary fudge $14.50+$2.50 S&H

9 ounces of creamy hand-stirred Hazelnut fudge $14.50+$2.50 S&H

9 ounces of creamy hand-stirred Rocky Road fudge $14.50 + $2.50 S&H


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