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Elizabeth Traub, Emily Otteson & Scott Cone are a diverse consulting team that brings a combination of skills and experience in helping your company solve your biggest problems in marketing, strategy and manufacturing systems.

Elizabeth launched her consulting career out of her experience. and success of having  run a business that grew well into the millions before she was 30 years old. Her strategic development of brands within her store got the attention of national brands which grew her experiences. Elizabeth’s vision and innovation  can masterfully and strategically lay out a plan, direction, or design for your projects, campaigns, marketing and special event promotions. Elizabeth resides on a small farm outside of Portland, OR.

Ems new bio

Emily is an accomplished musician.  Her writing helps takes Elizabeth Traub Consulting and our clients into creative spaces and places where your customers are hanging out. This past year she has added to her resume,  two jingles she wrote, composed and plays  for Jockey for Women.  We are now adding jingle writing to our resume of offerings. Emily works hard behind the scenes of every client, campaign, and project we are working on. Writing, editing and creatively adding her own ideas into each project. Emily resides in Nashville, TN.



With Scott Cone everything is manufacturing.

That is how he views the world. Our team has been with more opportunities to help put the manufacturing systems in place before the marketing takes place. Scott has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, trained in manufacturing, started and ran 2 successful companies, and thrives on building value additive processes, robust systems and cross functional teams.

Manufacturing is not limited to a factory putting a finished product in the box; quality processes and intuitive systems can be used to create an ambiance for a store, a high quality customer experience, or developing and maintaining a social media marketing campaign.

Scott is skilled in developing effectual processes and systems that produce high quality results. As a natural leader, he partners and trains teams for success in any industry. Scott has worked in FDA and ISO-9001 & 13485 environments, multiple industries, and high-tech manufacturing. Quality producing processes are valued in any industry; and proactive risk driven decisions are a solid choice for any company. Scott resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and 3 kids.

Together Elizabeth, Emily and Scott can see the direction of marketing, systems and processed needed to move  your company to the next level of growth and success.  ETC (elizabeth traub consulting) serves the individual projects as well as long term strategic planning for  their clients in Social  Media & new system process & technologies.

Elizabeth is the Creative Marketing Director. Emily is the Editor in Chief.  Scott is everything manufacturing. Together we can not just bring the ideas and strategies but can implement these ideas into your new work flow.


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