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Elizabeth & Emily are a mother daughter team.  They have been working closely in business since Emily was old enough to work in the stock room of Elizabeth’s first business, a high end children’s Furniture store called Skip To My Room in Lake Oswego, OR. Emily has been working and traveling with Elizabeth, now for over 12 years.

Elizabeth launched her consulting career out of her experience, and success of having  run a business that grew well into the millions before she was 30 years old. Her strategic development of brands within her store got the attention of national brands which grew her experiences.

Elizabeth’s vision and innovation  can masterfully and strategically lay out a plan, direction, or design for your project. As stated by one client,”Elizabeth is ideaphoria off the charts”.



Emily, a 4 pt. student in high school, received an academic scholarship into a pre-med program at a prestigious Washington university.  After 3 months of attendance she decided to pursue her writing and music career.  Emily is an accomplished musician.  This past year she has added to her resume,  two jingles she wrote, composed and plays  for Jockey for Women.  We are now adding jingle writing to our resume of offerings. Emily works hard behind the scenes of every client, campaign, and project we are working on. Writing, editing and creatively adding her own ideas into each project.

Here is JINGLE sample:

Seeing the direction of marketing moving into a new sphere, both Elizabeth & Emily have educated themselves to better serve the individual projects of their clients in Social  Media & New Media Technologies.

Elizabeth is the Creative Marketing Director. Emily is the Editor in Chief.  We enjoy getting to know, and sharing your story and space.

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I have always loved wet spring days in the #northwest. Calming and soothing to my soul. Rainy days slow me down. Looking out the window and sipping my coffee when I should be racing out the door. Thank you God for rain, for blossoms, and this day. #prettyinpink This picture taken from my doorstep w/Mayfair filture. #Farmlifewithcones Time to bring #BeanieBabies back. Raise your hand if you have a gazillion stashed away. When the going gets tough then time for a 🍪 and coffee. Sunday morning bonding with the 14 year old watching baseball. But really drinking a big cup of coffee and staring at the screen. #HappySunday #baseball #traubboys
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