Elizabeth Traub

Elizabeth Traub is a savvy Business Consultant working hard at helping to build and grow your offline message & branding into an online presence. Working in music, entertainment, fashion, politics, investment and small boutique business cultures. Elizabeth is an out of the box thinker with the ability to strategically plan and build your business.

Elizabeth has spent the past 27 years working as a consultant with new business start ups and mature developed businesses. Having built her own business from the ground up into a multi-million dollar boutique business Elizabeth understand the value of your time. Elizabeth has worked with those who have their dreams and passions scribbled on a napkin through the steps of getting started. Elizabeth works with industry leaders in building of products & services necessary to grow and build a loyal customer base.

7 comments on “Elizabeth Traub
  1. John Wanat says:

    Hi Elizabeth, I’ve recently written my first book. A self-help/auto-biography. The book’s
    called, “Nursing Homes – The Real Deal.” Saw u on Twitter, and think I may call you for a
    consultation. I hired Xlibris Publishing to help promote my book, and I’m planning to promote this book myself. Book’s in the production stage now. Hope to speak with you soon. :)

  2. John Wanat says:

    Hello Elizabeth, We need to talk. I’m hoping to call you soon, so I can get your thoughts,
    regarding my book, which is currently in production. I see you on Twitter sometimes. Well,
    enjoy your weekend Elizabeth, and happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

  3. Elizabeth Traub says:

    Hi Elizabeth. My name is Elizabeth Traub (really, it’s on my birth certificate). I received a text message this morning from a family member asking me why I did not tell her that I would be speaking at the Women’s Conference coming up in Lake Charles, LA. After a bit of research, I found you. I am hoping to meet you when you visit us here in Lake Charles. I know that this does not have anything to do with consulting, but given the rarity of our name, especially here in Louisiana, I thought it would be nice to meet.

  4. Bai Samma Traub sr. says:

    Thanks for the work. I believe your attention and focus should be on the developing nations. With the rapid growing interest of developing nation for the internet, your work will be greatly appreciated.

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