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When asked what is the main reason I love about being a consultant the answer is always the same. Asking questions is what I enjoy about being a consultant.  Too often we are guilty of merely plowing through the work, instead of asking either how the work could be done differently, if it is even the right work to do, or if you’re the right person to be doing the work.  As a consultant, I bring an outside perspective that allows me to ask clarifying questions as I seek to understand your daily needs and struggles.  I’ve found with clients that sometimes they are a better consultant then me, because by having to explain what they’re doing, and my resulting questions they answer their own questions.  As backwards as it seems, those are some of my favorite projects. Implementing projects that result in redefining the culture, the process, and systems to come alongside and help.

I also enjoy the “Out of the box” and “out of a box thinking.  As a consultant I’m often asked by the project leader to come up with an out of the box solution for their needs. An out of the box recommendation for a paper driven and hard copy dependent company might be that they should start using online collaboration tools. “Out of the box” for most companies is a different idea presented. Presenting ideas that were not thought of or even considered until a new idea is presented.  A possible solution for young scattered primarily online startup?  Paper, pens (no internet for an afternoon) and develop a well-grounded strategy as a team.  My goal is the help them see options, possible solutions and a road map for success.

How cliché is it to say that the reason I consult is to see growth and development of people?  I consult because I love meeting people, hearing about their struggles and helping develop solutions and resources.  I’ve had a passion for business since my early days and positively delight in having opportunities to aid and assist. My critical and analytical thinking bring a terrific balance to our team as we work to strategize your needs for business development, growth, relationships with your customers and growth.

“Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and he will eat for life” is a common enough saying.   I would adapt it though to “Document, train and empower a man to fish, and then have him train his backup”.   The goal with every consulting case is to:

Understand – Listen to what the client’s needs and goals

Inspire –  Provide a road map to success, show them the steps necessary to reach their goals

Education – Document, Train and build the team to do the work needed

Empower – Send them forth to do the project and repeat it with the next one


My name is Scott Cone. Together we can build a better business for you and your business.


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