Make your Brand & Image consistent across all Social Media Platforms


Although our world is one of constant change, we know Savvy and we know Social. Working in real business in real time differs very little than what we do online.  We bring you tips to help your Social Media experience easier to understand  Each week we give you tips that will help you to live out your dreams and passions from our experience and help. Stay tuned for the latest  tips and look for us on twitter.


“Taking what we do in real time and now doing it online.”

If #SavvySocialTip is helpful to your community. You are welcome to cut & paste to tweet out using our hashtag. Thank you.

Tweet out good things and good things will return to you. #SavvySocialTip

Tweet out peace and peace will be returned to you. #SavvySocialTip

What is your bread & butter? Do more of that and you’ll be on a roll #SavvySocialTip

Words have meaning, so do your tweets. Make them count. #SavvySocialTip

If you tweet it they will follow. That is if you are tweeting what is savvy and social.  #SavvySocialTip

If you don’t know who’s behind the tweet, it might not be who you think. #SavvySocialTip

When a fellow tips his hat. Smile and wave back. Or share, retweet and follow.   #SavvySocialTip

Twitter becomes your New Media roledex. Learn to use your “lists” #SavvySocialTip

Your presence in Social Media will transform how you do business. #SavvySocialTip

Social Media is about making new friends. Make one today. #SavvySocialTip

Encourage the journey of another. #SavvySocialTip

A funny tweet can’t be beat. #SavvySocialTip

Content sharing is what keeps us learning about each other. DO IT! #SavvySocialTip

It’s okay to schedule content. Keeping your stream moving with interest. #SavvySocialTip

Content & Conversation will grow your social experience in a positive direction. #SavvySocialTip

Choose to connect with a new person daily on twitter. #SavvySocialTip

Bring a bit of wisdom into each of your tweets that others may learn from you. #SavvySocialTip

In the same way you would greet in real time you do the same online. Wave Hello!  #SavvySocialTip

A bio and links give meaning to your friendships. Do you have one? #SavvySocialTip

A follow is like a knock at the door. Open the door to friendship. #SavvySocialTip

If your followers Retweet your tweets, be sure to say thank you. #SavvySocialTip

Tweeting a compliment on the content you read is social. #SavvySocialTip

Tweet out wisdom and others begin to learn through your example. #SavvySocialTip

Sharing others contents helps bridge followings to friendships. #SavvySocialTip

What did you add to your resume of life today. Working on kindness daily. #SavvySocialTip

Visiting a twitter page is only stalking if you intend harm with the information provided. #SavvySocialTip

You learn the heart of a person by looking in on their streams & reading. Visit often.  #SavvySocialTip

Good to look in on a twitter page to information gather, learn, & research. Visit often. #SavvySocialTip

140 characters define you. What are you communicating if one looks over your stream? #SavvySocialTip

Promoting positive tweets & being consistent builds confidence in your followers. #SavvySocialTip

Invaluable skills that help form the basis of lasting friendships through positive Social Media.

Fake follows is like having garbage cans line your streets. Blocks the real traffic. #SavvySocialTip

It takes one person to believe in you to step into your brilliance.  YOU! #SavvySocialTip

Only you have to think you can do to actually make it happen. #SavvySocialTip

I may not fit into your shoes, but I will walk beside you & encourage your dreams. #SavvySocialTip

When leaving the streams of Social Media be sure to wave goodbye. #SavvySocialTip

What happens today, is the past for tomorrow. Make good memories. #SavvySocialTip

A hashtag allows those in  your community to check in without sorting through all the tweets. #SavvySocialTip

Developing a hashtag can help give more definition to your business or cause. #SavvySocialTip

Winking, blinking and a nod in the direction of new friends. #SavvySocialTip

Let’s make your Social Media experience go beyond shallow.  Engage & Connect today. #SavvySocialTip

Asking questions is the best way to get to know a person. #SavvySocialTip

Shaking hands in Social Media is one click away. #SavvySocialTip

Be sure to thank the person who blesses you. #SavvySocialTip

True respect is not something you buy, it’s something you earn. #SavvySocialTip

If you tweet content that is RT’ed it’s worth tweeting again for others to see. #SavvySocialTip

Public displays of encouragement is worth RT’ing. #SavvySocialTip

In real time you must earn the right to be heard, also the same online. #SavvySocialTip

There is a wealth of knowledge that can spin off of one tweet. Make it a good one. #SavvySocialTip

Share your journey, your story, and your process that others may learn from you. #SavvySocialTip

You have your own unique story to tell. Tell it well and others will follow. #SavvySocialTip

Confidence to be your own unique self in social media builds your following. #SavvySocialTip

Be strategic and clear with your intentions. Others find trust in both of these. #SavvySocialTip


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