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Canvas Art Above The Toilet

What kind of, “Canvas Art Above The Toilet” should you choose? The answer is whatever inspires you when you go. The answer is how you want to design a bath and have the look of beauty and elegance. This piece

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“Growth” by Elizabeth Traub

It’s  been hard to put into words this past year. For many their hardest year. A pandemic, Covid, division and so much more. For me it was and still is a year of growth. Growing spiritually, emotionally and in beautiful

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“New Beginnings” Art You Love

Every day is a fresh new start. The start to the day full of “New Beginnings”. Even the every day routines can be a reset to new beginnings. It’s been an interesting weekend for me. I have reflected on the

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Family Counts As Real Business

Today I received a request for a painted canvas art piece. I was excited and thankful for this family member. The reality is, “Family Counts As Real Business”. Am I right? I think our family’s are our biggest critics. I

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“Kentucky Derby Blues”

You never know what is going to inspire your next piece of art. Today I am feeling blue. Not sad, or down and out. Maybe a bit melancholy for the warm day here in Palm Desert. My studio is enclosed

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Keeping Up With Your Business

I literally just spent the last week redesigning my website. A website that I have had for almost 15 years. My website is not active and I rarely direct people here. It has been more like my online business card.

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