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“My Brain”

Ever since I could remember I have always loved the combination of colors. Maybe it started when I got my first pink huffy bike. Maybe it started when I learned the Bible story of Noah and the ark and the

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Tiny Changes

I walked into my art studio. A space created by an extra bedroom. For over a month I have been making, “Tiny Changes” to make this space work. A spacious room, great storage, great open spaces. The space is not

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Pleasant Valley

There is a road called ” Pleasant Valley” that many walks and talks have taken place with my children and by myself. Talks with my daughter, talks with my boys and talks with God. I painted this late one night.

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“Adaptable Collection” by Elizabeth Traub

This past week was hard. Really hard. Two things I do when life is hard. I walk and I paint. In the middle of a crazy and hard week I played with these colors, painted a lot and walked every

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Working Mom

Taken from my personal blog There is this working mom. She was once this mama who blogged a lot.(now blogging every single day at  She had stories of her life to share, but most important it was how

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Hung Out To Buy

Hung Out To Buy is a new business to follow.  Why, it’s one I have been working on for a couple of years. Why is it always easier coming alongside a business, providing  the ideas to help move that business

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