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“Leftover Rainbow”

“Leftover Rainbow” #ArtYouLove by Elizabeth Traub. (That’s me.) It’s a Saturday. I missed a ladies breakfast at church. When I loaned my SUV out to my boys to attend the air show I was not thinking what I had on

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LizzyJo Fudge

People often fudge on how much they weigh. One thing you can’t fudge on is the delicious sweet taste of LizzyJo Fudge. Really is it fudge? Is that my next hustle? It is. And I want to share exactly how

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Get Your Social In Order

When was the last time you evaluated your business profiles on your social platforms? It is time to, “Get Your Social in Order.” I think this goes without saying. But does it? Several years ago we all jumped into the

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Daily Acts of Kindness for YOUR Employees~Part One

I was pretty young when I started my first business. I had no clue about the importance and value of daily acts of kindness with my staff. I suppose I was not any younger than most entrepreneurs, and actually it

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Five Tips On How to Turn Off Your WORK Day

Do you ever feel confused as an Entrepreneur? Your creative mind on ALL the time, and sometimes thinking not, “Where do I start?” but more, “Where do I end?”  When we love what we do, it really is like playing.

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What Do I Do With My Brilliant Idea?

What do I do with my brilliant idea?  It is occupying ever waking moment. One day you are in a coffee shop chatting with a friend about the idea you have. It’s brilliant and yet to be brought to the

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