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30Secondmom & Kids Room Design

30Secondmom & Kids Room Design 30Secondmom and a kids room designer, what do we have in common? I started following this website a couple of months ago through my android. I thought what better way to brighten my day, as a

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Summer Changes

There are going to be a lot of changes happening around this house this summer.  Let’s just say God knew what He was doing when He pressed on my heart “keep your calendar free”.  I am not crazy busy. I

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Four Pinterest Practices

Four Pinterest Practices that help grow my boards. How is Pinterest working for Hung Out To Buy, a kids bedroom fashion boutique?   Splendidly! Amazing!! Wowsers!! Please go and check out my boards here: I stumbled onto Pinterest by way

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Working Mom

Taken from my personal blog There is this working mom. She was once this mama who blogged a lot.(now blogging every single day at  She had stories of her life to share, but most important it was how

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One Great Find Now Combined

ONE GREAT FIND AT A TIME It all starts with a great find and a little time.  For me it was really no time at all.  I was on my way home, car full of boys and saw a garage

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Tweener Fun Two/Too

How do you take this blank slate of a room and turn it into a 12 year old’s dream room. You start by asking a lot of questions. In this case, mom was asked to leave this 12 year old

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