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Dance Your Heart Out

“Dance Your Heart Out” is Art You Love by Elizabeth Traub. Mixed Media & Acrylics meet. Loving her and giving her my love. Today she joined me in dancing. I love to dance, shake my booty, raise the music. Today

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Color Story May 2, 2021

Some days are full of trial and error. Today was one of those days. In playing with colors, mixing colors, waiting for paint to dry before adding more layers and then trying to figure out what work to promote or

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30Secondmom & Kids Room Design

30Secondmom & Kids Room Design 30Secondmom and a kids room designer, what do we have in common? I started following this website a couple of months ago through my android. I thought what better way to brighten my day, as a

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Summer Changes

There are going to be a lot of changes happening around this house this summer.  Let’s just say God knew what He was doing when He pressed on my heart “keep your calendar free”.  I am not crazy busy. I

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Four Pinterest Practices

Four Pinterest Practices that help grow my boards. How is Pinterest working for Hung Out To Buy, a kids bedroom fashion boutique?   Splendidly! Amazing!! Wowsers!! Please go and check out my boards here: I stumbled onto Pinterest by way

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Working Mom

Taken from my personal blog There is this working mom. She was once this mama who blogged a lot.(now blogging every single day at  She had stories of her life to share, but most important it was how

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One Great Find Now Combined

ONE GREAT FIND AT A TIME It all starts with a great find and a little time.  For me it was really no time at all.  I was on my way home, car full of boys and saw a garage

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Tweener Fun Two/Too

How do you take this blank slate of a room and turn it into a 12 year old’s dream room. You start by asking a lot of questions. In this case, mom was asked to leave this 12 year old

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