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Pleasant Valley

There is a road called ” Pleasant Valley” that many walks and talks have taken place with my children and by myself. Talks with my daughter, talks with my boys and talks with God. I painted this late one night.

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I did not think this was going to be as hard as it was and is. I just posted this piece on Instagram. While I was writing about it I started crying. It’s Friday night, basketball night. a calm happy

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Gordon Allan

“Gordon Allan” is Art You love by Elizabeth Traub. This piece is dedicated to Gordon. My partner in life. This piece was drying. I had not yet named it. I was trying to create an artful piece that would be

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Painting The Perfect Piece for YOUR Space

How many times have you wandered the markets, the internet, the galleries to find that perfect splash of color and art for your space? It’s just a tiny space but it lacks luster and you really want something to wake

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