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A Different Reality

This is a time in history when we are all living a different reality. How are we doing? Something I have personally learned is that I have raised five children who are adaptable. As I watch them evaluate their jobs,

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Chatter That Is Going To Matter

In 2011 I read a book called, “If You Can Talk, You Can Write” By Joel Saltzman. I thought it was fascinating. Through the many stories, events, and excitement my life seems to have been stories have been told through

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Be Who You are Online As You Are in Real Time

I have learned something about myself this past year.  It is actually kind of embarrassing. So much so, that to overcome I am going to write about it. I 100% stink at promoting my own brand. I actually have a

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Is Visual Branding the New Media?

I was once this 20 something year old attending the Seattle Art Institute. Studying Advertising & Graphic Design. All my classes, all my cutting and pasting, and all my ad designs came down to one single thing. “What message are

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Customer Experiece Will Cost You

In order for  your business to thrive in today’s world of frenzy, you will have to reinvent your idea of what that customer experience really is.  If you want to go after that customer, guess what it WILL cost you.

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The Grab-Nabber

Do you ever feel dizzy over just how much information is available on the web?  When I was a young girl I was not particularly fond of being called Dizzy Lizzy.  Given the past two weeks, be my guest in

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Whoa There Big Kid-Tennis Anyone?

“Whoa There Big Kid” Tennis Anyone?  What does that mean? I loved playing sports in high school and still do today.  The two sports I fancied were soccer and tennis.  A noncompetitive sport I loved was  playing golf.  Having parents who

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Moments in the streets of Portland

Walking through the streets of Portland, or any other city interrupts whatever thought process you are in the middle of.  I had just come out of a 3 1/2 hour meeting at Portland City Grill.  The kind of meeting where

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