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The Online Dinner Party-Facebook

I love Social Media. I love connecting, making new friends, and learning more about people, their lives and their work. When I first started out, I thought Social Media was just another form of advertising. Nothing seemed to work and

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Facebook Office

Facebook Office For the past two weeks I have been anchored in my home office doing research and gearing up for a couple of major projects all the while checking into my Facebook Office.  Since my move to The Dalles,

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5 Savvy Social Tip on Fake Followers

Every day I learn more about Social Media and it’s through my own experiences I am able to write with confidence some Savvy Social Tips on Fake Followers.  I have realized in the last three months of being on Social

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How Are We Different in Social Media vs. Real Time?

How are we different in written time (Social Media-SM) vs. face time (In Real Time-IRT)?  I was offended for about 2 seconds when a “new” friend, Randy Theo (@ideabloke), whom I know through social media told me his impressions of

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Four Pinterest Practices

Four Pinterest Practices that help grow my boards. How is Pinterest working for Hung Out To Buy, a kids bedroom fashion boutique?   Splendidly! Amazing!! Wowsers!! Please go and check out my boards here: I stumbled onto Pinterest by way

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The Grab-Nabber

Do you ever feel dizzy over just how much information is available on the web?  When I was a young girl I was not particularly fond of being called Dizzy Lizzy.  Given the past two weeks, be my guest in

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Whoa There Big Kid-Tennis Anyone?

“Whoa There Big Kid” Tennis Anyone?  What does that mean? I loved playing sports in high school and still do today.  The two sports I fancied were soccer and tennis.  A noncompetitive sport I loved was  playing golf.  Having parents who

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