Canvas Art Above The Toilet

“Growth” by Elizabeth Traub

What kind of, “Canvas Art Above The Toilet” should you choose? The answer is whatever inspires you when you go. The answer is how you want to design a bath and have the look of beauty and elegance. This piece has been my most popular for many different parts of the home. It’s called “Growth” and I think the green & slight blue hues bring a sense of calm. And whether sitting or standing it’s good to have some calm when going.

Choosing your art piece above the potty can add elegance and desigher beauty.

I have failed in the past in what I put behind my toilets. It was not until my boys were old enough to have an opinion that I heard over and over again, “Mom!!! It’s so wrong to have a long mirror behind the toilet.” And the boys win and the mirrors replaced.

Abstract Canvas Art is a wonderful choice when placing new pieces in your room. Especially your bathroom. There are a number of ways to pop some color and bring the vibe into your bathroom design by pulling colors out of your art piece with your towels. your plants, even your soap dispensers. If you choose a color piece of art like this, try finding bright white bath towels. Accent with green hand towels and white washcloths. It would sure make a bright and pretty bathroom.

If you have a towel bar above your potty, which is often the case. Try a smaller piece. All of my Acrylic Canvas Gallery Wrapped prints can be ordered in a number of sizes.

Feel free to email me or text me so we can design your next piece of art.

503-686-1109 (Text me first to set up a time we can chat.

Have a wonderful day, Elizabeth

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